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Audac GIAX Zuilluidspreker

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Category 100 volt systemen
Audac GIAX Zuilluidspreker

Een opmerkelijk speaker systeem voor topweergave, koppelbaar tot meerdere units.
Waar kennen we dit ook weer van......?
Alleen hier geen low-budget drivers die dmv Eq worden opgepimt, maar volwaardige series drivers die heel helder en open klinken.

  • Geschikt voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen als auditoriums, kerken, wachtruimtes, gemeenschapshuizen, etc.

  • GIAX The GIAX is a design column speaker with an extraordinary sound and surprising high power, for use in all applications where audibility of music ans speech is most important. It features a line array with 24 special designed 2" drivers, which are located on precisely calculated locations to accomplish a wide sound dispersion. It gives the impression of listening to just a single sound source, but with a more distributed sound coverage. The total speaker array is capable of producing a power of 240 Watt RMS, with a maximum power of 480 Watt. The speaker section has a total impedance of 3 Ohm. The housing is made of aluminium, making it a stylish, light-weight column speaker. A special designed mounting bracket is included, making it possible to focus the speaker into any direction. The two included incline brackets allow an incline angle between 0? and 13?, to obtain the best possibile audibility. Available in black (/B) and white (/W).

    Technical Specifications :

    Max. power

    480 W

    RMS power

    240 W


    3 Ohm

    Sound pressure 1W / 1m

    92 dB

    Sound pressure Max. W / 1m

    114 dB

    Frequency response -3dB

    100 Hz - 17 kHz

    Frequency response -10 dB

    80 Hz - 19 kHz

    Horizontal coverage


    Incline angle

    0°-7.5° & 7.5°-15°


    Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)

    70 x 2005 x 105 mm

    Weight net

    6,5 Kg


    24 x 2”



    Front finish

    Aluminium grill


    Black /B

    White /W



    Carton box

    Shipping weight & volume

    7,8 Kg - 0.007 Cbm

    Accessories included

    Wall bracket

    2 x incline angle

    *AUDAC reserves the right to change specifications without notice: this is part of our policy to continually improve our products

    ​​​​AUDAC designed the audio system for the new ?Leon De Meyer? Super-Auditorium at the university of Ghent, Belgium, which is recently inaugurated with a speech by the president of the Belgian Christian party. The new auditorium can accommodate up to 1000 students and can be split with an automatic wall into two separate auditoriums with respectively 400 and 600 seats. The audio system is designed in a way that it can be split into two individual sections which can be linked with each other for audio distribution throughout the Super-Auditorium. The clear and intelligible sound is distributed by 4 pieces of the 2 meters long GIAX column speakers which are driven by Q series amplifiers, both from AUDAC. These speakers fit with their slim and unobtrusive design perfectly into the modern architectural entity of the new university complex.
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