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Alesis HD-24 HD recorder 24 sporen / VERKOCHT

Eerste Vorige Product 2 of 14 Volgende Laatste
Category Harddisk /Flash recording
Alesis HD-24 HD recorder 24 sporen / <B> VERKOCHT</B>

/ incl. 2x HD units & spare lade's

eventueel met ADAT kaart voor de Yamaha M7 console

compleet met op slede: 1x 250GB & 1x 164GB Harddisk
setjes lightpipe kabels voor 16 sporen Adat
Clockkabel BNC
Remote control

ADAT HD24 24-Track Hard Disk Recorder

The first hard disk recorders worthy of the name ADAT....

Introducing the world's first 24-track, 24-bit/96kHz hard disk recorders designed to fit comfortably into any standard ADAT environment - and match ADAT's legendary performance and affordability.

With their patent-pending method of writing to the hard drive, HD24 and HD24XR are the first hard disk recorders built from the ground up exclusively for the purpose of recording music instead of data - resulting in remarkable stability and performance. And yet, thanks to their use of standard, low-cost IDE computer drives, the recording media costs no more than traditional ADAT tape on a per track basis.

Two hot-swappable media bays provide convenient access to the recording drives, and allow the user to backup data in just minutes. You can edit tracks internally or easily transfer to computer via built-in Ethernet. They're the only HD recorders on the market with standard ADAT Optical and ADAT Sync, enabling them to work efficiently with existing systems. And they offer the same exceptional user-friendly interface ADAT users have come to expect.

Alesis reinvents digital recording. Again.

24-track, 24-bit digital audio recording at 48kHz
(12 tracks at 96kHz)

High sample rates for top-notch audio. Digital: 44.1?96kHz. Upgrade HD24 to 96kHz with the EC-2

Fully loaded standard connections include 24 analog inputs and outputs (+4dBu, 1/4" TRS), plus 24 channels of ADAT Optical I/O

Dual recording bays utilize standard low-cost, removable IDE drives so media costs don?t break the bank

Instant random access to audio using ADAT/FST? (File Streaming Technology). Hit rewind or fast-forward and you?re there in a flash

Internal editing capabilities include cut, copy, paste, and track-move with undo. Or use the built-in Ethernet port to easily send files to a computer DAW

Multiple units can be synchronized to create a larger system, and easily integrated into an existing ADAT system

Everything you need for a world-class digital recording setup: MIDI in/out, MTC out, Ethernet, ADAT Sync in/out, and Word Clock in.

_2 caddys: 1 with installed 40GB HD; 1 empty which can contain IDE/EIDE/ATA Drive of 5400/7200/ 10000 RPM up to 2000GB

_24 tracks at 24-bit/48kHz, 12 tracks at 24-bit/96kHz.

_Digital: 44.1-96kHz. Analog: 44.1-48kHz (HD24). Upgrade HD24 to 96kHz with the EC-2.

_Analog: 24 24-bit inputs, 24 24-bit outputs (1/4" TRS, +4dBu). Digital: 24-channel I/O via 3 ADAT Optical inputs and 3 ADAT Optical outputs. Other: MIDI in/out. Alesis Sync in/out (DB-9). Word Clock input (BNC, 75). Footswitch jack for punch in/out (1/4"). LRC input for traditional wired remote (1/4"). 10 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45).

_Frequency response: 20Hz?20kHz +0/?1dB. Dynamic range: 103dB A/D, 103dB D/A (A-weighted). Distortion: <0.003% THD+N. Input levels: nominal +4dBu, maximum +19dBu. Pitch control: +100 cents/?200 cents, min-max 30?50kHz (30?100kHz with version 2.0).

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