KV2-Audio ES 1.0 compact mid/high/mid-bass speaker module


​​​​The ES 1.0 is a 3-way high output, active-driven, compact
mid/high/mid-bass speaker module. It is designed as part of a sound
reinforcement speaker system that includes the EPAK? 2500 control and
amplification system plus a variety of bass modules.
The ES 1.0
speaker system benefits from being designed to operate exclusively
above 100 Hz. By optimizing the ideal operating band pass of each
system component, the ES 1.0 can achieve extremely high output levels
consistently and safely.

  • High-output, compact, lightweight Mid/High Module.
  • 131 dB sustained output.
  • Wide dispersion, rotatable, integrated Mid/High horn design provides optimized transducer loading and controlled dispersion.
  • New
    Patent-Pending 1.75? (44mm) diaphragm titanium compression driver with
    complex geometry phase plug for higher output and lower distortion
    performance and neodymium.
  • Six-inch
    midrange driver with 1.75? (44mm) neodymium magnetic motor structure
    for increased control and output and decreased distortion and weight.
  • Proprietary
    midrange heat dissipation system controls voice coil temperature,
    ensures high dynamics and extends transducer lifespan.
  • Horn-loaded, twelve-inch mid-bass driver with 3.00? (76mm) voice coil assembly and neodymium magnetic motor structure.
  • Professional, exterior-grade Baltic birch construction with wear-resistant polymer coating.
  • Proprietary corner and side handle designs for simplified handling and carrying.
  • Acetal
    copolymer high impact, low friction feet are asymmetrically located on
    three sides allowing vertical or horizontal system set up, lock-in and
    easy cabinet movement.
  • Four
    internal corner braces tied to eight M10 suspension points. A total of
    24 suspension points are available for custom installation applications.

Active-driven by the EPAK? 2500.
Power, electronic crossovers, phase alignment, equalization, time
correction and speaker protection are by the EPAK 2500. This ?one plug
in, one-plug-out? system ensures fast, easy set up and complete
control. It gives you the benefits of active sound reinforcement
technology, yet locates the electronics in an easy-access ?stand alone?
module. Together, the ES 1.0 and EPAK 2500 deliver the highest dynamic
range of any system currently available, providing new levels of
clarity, depth and resolution.

Advanced compression driver.
KV2 Audio?s transducer partner, 18 Sound in Cavriago, Italy,
manufactures all ES 1.0 components. The compression driver is a new,
patent pending 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm design, featuring a complex
geometry phase plug that dramatically lowers distortion, eliminates
ring modes and provides clearer, ripple free performance.

Exclusive KV2 rotatable horn design for maximum flexibility.
The ES 1.0 features a mid/high integrated horn design with a number of
unique features. First, the horn can be rotated 90?, allowing for
complete flexibility in selection of vertical, horizontal and left /
right system set up. The horn design is based on constant-directivity
geometry with an emphasis on maintaining low transducer compression
ratios, high output and wide dispersion (90 x 40). The midrange speaker
is fixed to a large aluminum heat sink which is attached to a precisely
designed midrange ?chamber?. The combination provides optimal cone
loading and heat dissipation. Further loading and dispersion is
controlled through a 2.28? (58mm) precision phase plug.

Heat-resistant midrange.
Frequencies between 500 Hz and 2.5 kHz are reproduced by a new six-inch
midrange speaker that provides 107 dB of sensitivity (1watt / 1 meter)
when coupled with the integrated horn. The magnetic motor assembly
features a high temperature 1.75? (44mm) diameter voice coil assembly
and extensive use of neodymium. Because of the limited linear movement
of most midrange transducers ? usually 2-3mm ? ventilation of the voice
coil assembly and magnetic structure is poor and failure rate from heat
fatigue is high. The ES 1.0 midrange dissipates heat passively through
the use of a massive aluminum heat sink. When combined with the EPAK
2500 control electronics, the system provides high output levels safely
and consistently over infinite periods of time and dramatically
reducing heat associated transducer problems such as power compression
and decreased dynamics.

Neodymium mid-bass transducer.
The ES 1.0 features a twelve-inch neodymium mid-bass speaker mounted on
a slot-loaded horn design. It is important to note that neodymium is
not a transducer panacea, as it cannot safely operate at the same
typical operating temperatures ferrite does. Using neodymium requires a
profound understanding of material science and finite element analysis
to properly design a stable, high force magnetic structure that
functions correctly. 18 Sound and KV2 engineering jointly designed the
twelve-inch mid bass driver for the ES 1.0
The ES 1.0 mid-bass transducer reproduces frequencies from 100 Hz to
500 Hz. The horn mouth is designed for optimal coupling with the
mid/high horn assembly in either the vertical or horizontal position.
The horn design is responsible for the mid-bass speaker?s resulting
high sensitivity and output. The high efficiency neodymium motor
provides an extraordinary amount of force that delivers complete
control of the cone mass and a high overall weight loss.

Easy to move and set up.
The ES 1.0 is a very compact enclosure featuring a number of
ergonomically designed components that make it a light, small, and easy
speaker to set up and use. KV2 designed and tooled two new cabinet
handles for use in their products. First is a extremely compact ?corner
handle? that fits snugly into any 90 degree corner. This provides
critical pick-up and handle locations previously unavailable. The two
corner handles make it easy to pick up and move the ES 1.0 in a
natural, instinctive manner. Additionally, there are two compact
handles placed top and bottom allowing flexibility in how the cabinet
is picked up and moved.
There are four industrial grade, internal braces placed at each corner.
Each brace is held in place by four M6 and two M10 bolts providing a
wide range of installation and suspension flexibility.

Technical specifications

System Acoustic
?3dB response 130 Hz -18 KHz
?10dB response 85 Hz – 20 KHz
Max SPL long-term 131 dB
Max SPL Peak 134 dB
Crossover Points 130 Hz, 500 Hz, 2.5 kHz
Speaker Input
Panel Connector Type Amphenol AP-6 Male
Required Cable Mounted Connector Amphenol AP-6 Female
Loop-Through Output None
General Horn Specs
Overall Dimensions 15.78? x 15.78? (401mm x 401mm)
Type Integrated High / Mid – Rotatable
HF Compression Driver
Number of Drivers 1
Diaphragm Size 1.75 ? (44mm)
Throat Exit Diameter 1.0 ? (24.5mm)
Phase Plug Patented ? Complex Geometry
Diaphragm Material Titanium
Magnet Type Neodymium
HF Horn Design
Horizontal Coverage 90? 1 kHz to 16 kHz avg.
Vertical Coverage 40? 1 kHz to 16 kHz avg.
Type Constant Directivity
Mouth Size 12.87? x 5.53? (327 mm x 140 mm)
Throat size 1.0? (2.54 cm)
Midrange Speaker
Number of Drivers 1
Size 6.00? (152.4mm)
Cone Material Fiber reinforced
Voice Coil Diameter 1.75?(44mm)
Magnet Type Neodymium
Cooling Integrated aluminum finned heatsink
Midrange Horn Design
Horizontal Coverage 90? 500Hz to 2.5kHz avg.
Vertical Coverage 40? 500Hz to 2.5kHz avg.
Type Constant Directivity
Mouth Size 12.87? x 8.62? ( 327mm x 219mm)
Throat Exit Diameter 5.19? (132mm)
Phase Plug Diameter 2.28? (58mm)
Mid Bass Section
Number of Drivers 1
Acoustic Design Horn-loaded
Woofer Size 12.00?(300mm)
Voice Coil Diameter 3.00?(76mm) Inside/Outside epoxy baked
Wire Type Copper-clad aluminum
Cone Material Epoxy-reinforced cellulose
Magnet Type Neodymium
Construction Features
Basic Geometric Design Rectangular
Material 15mm Exterior Grade Baltic Birch
Finish Ultra wear-resistant black polymer coating
Hardware Two (2) corner handles
Two (2) Side Handles
Four (4) integrated ?L? brackets
Eight (8) M10 suspension points
Feet Twelve (12) 2.36? (60mm) diameter
Constructed from acetal copolymer,
mounted in an asymmetrical pattern
for flexible vertical or horizontal system


Grill Acoustically transparent perforated
metal with weather-resistant polymer


Height 27.55? (700mm)
Width 17.71? (450mm)
Depth 17.71? (450mm)
Weight 74 lbs. (34kg)


KV2 audio

KV2:   Prof. hoge kwaliteit, perfecte weergave ook in uw ruimte en kristal heldere klank met waanzinnig mooi laag.      De kenmerken van een topmerk als KV2.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 23.00 kg


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