B-TWIG 12 PRO Actieve kolomluidspreker >STEREO-SET ! <

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Complete Stereo-set aanbieding.


Complete Stereo-set aanbieding.
De B-twig heeft t.o.v. vergelijkbare concurrentie meteen een fijn mixertje aan boord.

Zonder externe apparatuur kun je dus na plaatsen meteen een microfoon , gitaar of geluidsdrager inpluggen en draaien.

Dit is een groot voordeel in deze prijsklasse.

Column PA Systems are compact, slim and portable systems complete with a subwoofer. An all-in-one solution perfect for for live gigs, DJ-sets, parties, public speaking, indoor and outdoor shows.BTWIG is ANT’s Column PA series: comprised of a top element for medium-high frequencies and an active subwoofer delivering powerful low frequencies, B-TWIG is all you need to deliver a professional sound performance.The powered subwoofer and the top work together to deliver a powerful, rich and evelopping bass response and a natural reproduction of the mid-high frequencies of the human voice. B-TWIG systems reach a remarkable volume avoiding any distortion.
No sound engineer required for the set up:  B-TWIG is ready in seconds thanks to the slidelocking system allowing to connect subwoofer, stand and top element.Inputs, outputs and controls are placed on the upper side of the sub, allowing a quick set up and facilitating any change or correction during the performance. B-Twig 8 also features an on-board 3 channel mixer with a mini-jack input and Bluetooth® receiver allowing the system to receive audio from your smartphone or other portable devices.


Extra power and extra features for the ultimate B-Twig column system, able to provide 2800 W as well as providing users with professional yet easy-to-use features: enabled to connect another B-Twig 12 Pro system, Bluetooth or multiple I/O  to connect all audio sources  in seconds, a 4-channel on board mixer, customizable EQs, digital effects and rotatable column to provide your audience with the best sound performance.

  • All-in-one professional PA system for playback and live music
  • Mono or Stereo Mode
  • On-board 4 channel mixer,
  • Multiple I/O combination with HI-Z Input
  • Stereo AUX IN
  • Bluetooth® connection
  •  DFX Send Level / Return
  • Easy to use DSP with 4 preset EQ
  • DFX unit with 16 preset effects
  • 90° left/right column rotation for wide sound coverage
  • Unaltered voice reproduction & powerful bass response
  • Compact, Easy to setup and Carry

B-TWIG series reach the next level with this extra powerful column PA system which easily provides all you need for a professional and completely customizable audio performance in any kind of application.

Perfect solution to set the dancefloor and your audience on fire with its 2800 W peak power, the complete system is set up and dismantled in seconds and is enabled to deliver impressive sound pressure levels up to 126 dB.  Moreover, the system can be easily connected to another B-Twig 12 Pro to set the most powerful stereo system.

B-Twig 12 pro is comprised of an active subwoofer (equipped with a 12” woofer and a Class D amplifier) and 2 passive column speakers (each one equipped 6 x 3,5” HF components). Sub and tops can be easily connected thanks to the fast connection mechanism which also allows to rotate the tops up to 90° left or right ensuring the best coverage in any application.

The system features 4 INPUT channels: CH 1 INSTR/MIC (6.35mm Jack or XLR-F); CH 2 Line/Mic ((6.35mm Jack or XLR-F); CH 3 Line/Tape In (2 Combo XLR-F/6.35 mm jack or RCA L/R socket); CH 4 Aux IN Stereo (3.5mm mini-jack) or Bluetooth® sync to connect any smartphone or tablet easily.

Outputs comprises a SUB XLR-M out to send the signal to another subwoofer and MIX XLR-M Out to address the MAIN MIX to another B-TWIG 12 PRO system in Mono or Stereo Mode.

The DFX unit can be set and activated from the onboard control panel or smoothly activated or bypass through footswitch input.

Controls features separate levels for each channel as well as DFX send/return levels and separate 2-bands EQ (HIGH/LOW) to get the most personal sound for every performance. Moreover, user can easily choose among 4 sound presets: DJ SOUND – PLAYBACK – FF OPENED – LIVE SOUND



  • System typeActive column system
  • Subwoofer (B-TWIG 12S PRO)1 x 12” Custom ferrite speaker – 2.5” VC
  • Array speaker (B-TWIG 12CS PRO)12 x 3.5” Custom speakers – 1” VC
  • Average dispersionHorizontal 120°
  • Frequency response45Hz – 20kHz
  • Max SPL126 dB
  • Peak Power2800 W
  • Crossover24dB/Oct @ 200Hz
  • I/O connectorsCH1 & CH2: 2 x XLR-F + 2 x 6,35mm (1/4”) jack
    CH 3 LINE IN: 2 x combo L/R
    AUX IN: 1 x 3.5mm mini-jack
    DFX FOOTWSWITCH: 1 x 6,35mm (1/4”) jack
  • Housing12mm plywood
  • Dimensions B-Twig 12S PRO (W x H x D)370 x 583 x 500 mm
  • Weight B-Twig 12S PRO20,2 kg
  • Dimensions B-Twig 12CS PRO (W x H x D)105 x 680 x 107mm
  • Weight B-Twig 12CS PRO5,1 kg


ANT Advanced Native Technologies

AEB Industriale announces today the launch of ANT, a new trademark for audio equipment which combines impressive sound performances with smooth and simple interfaces that let users fully enjoy their musical experience.

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