Earthworks QTC-30 Omni



Quiet Time Coherent QTC30 has an excellent cost/performance ratio. With
a frequency response to 30kHz and excellent impulse response, it will
reproduce sounds with incredible detail that are true and life-like,
making it an ideal and affordable choice for recording applications.
Its small stainless steel body is 6.5 inches long and has no handling
Earthworks QTC30 is an extraordinarily accurate microphone.
It provides that famous Earthworks Sound with lower self noise than was
thought possible with such a small a diaphragm. The QTC30 delivers
flat, extended Time Coherent response from below 6Hz to beyond 30kHz,
typically within ?0.5dB from 20Hz-20kHz. More importantly, its impulse
response is faster and cleaner than any other recording microphone
except for the Earthworks QTC1. Its clean impulse performance allows
the QTC30 to transduce wave forms exactly giving you a true and
accurate representation of sonic events as they happen in the air. What
this means for you is stunning, lifelike realism. It offers you the
experience of being there.

The QTC30 is among the best possible choices for ambient room miking
but it is also exquisite for close miking of quieter more delicate
sources. This microphone is a very good choice for all applications
where natural, uncolored pick up of sound is the desired result. The
QTC30 effortlessly captures the full size and natural texture of many
difficult and complex sources ranging from Location Recording of
Classical, Jazz, Ethnic, Folk and Pop music to Percussion, Piano,
Guitar, Upright Bass, Strings, Vocals, Brass, and Woodwinds. It is also
useful for those applications when you want to capture natural sounds
with the feeling of reality intact, like Sound Effect, Foley, ADR and
sampling of any audio source.

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