LD Systems presents MAUI 44 G2 in white color version


With the MAUI 44 G2, introduced in 2020, LD Systems permanently anchored the MAUI Series in the professional sound reinforcement sector. Since then, the German manufacturer’s most powerful column PA system has proven its versatility in clubs, at festivals, and at corporate events across the world. Now, LD Systems is again expanding the application possibilities of the MAUI 44 G2 – and is delighted to launch the column PA in a white colour version.

With the white colour version of the MAUI 44 G2, LD Systems is responding to numerous requests from MAUI users worldwide. Technically identical to the black version, the white MAUI 44 G2 integrates seamlessly into modern and open visual settings – from weddings to corporate events and more

LD Systems MAUI 44 Powered Column PA with LECC DSP
The MAUI 44 is the LD Systems’ MAUI family flagship with a massive 1.600 watts RMS of system power , 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and 129 dB peak SPL. Eminently suitable for musicians, DJs, solo entertainers and fixed applications the compact column PA provides superior sonic performance and comprehensive features.

Made from hard-wearing 15 mm birch ply and loaded with 2 x 12″ neodymium chassis the band pass subwoofer is driven by two Hypex modules with separate SMPS . The 4 individual frequency groups of the vertical array featuring a total of sixteen 3,5″ fullrange speakers with cast frames and integrated heat sinks plus two 1″ Celestion HF drivers on a waveguide are individually powered by 4 discrete Class D amplifiers.

The MAUI 44 provides both combo (XLR / 6.3 mm Jack) and RCA inputs. Master and subwoofer levels are adjustable individually and allow a perfect sound balance between crystal clear high tones, punchy mids and powerful bass in any situation . The LD System’s LECC digital signal processing (Limiter, Equalizer, Compressor and Crossover) and dual limiters ensure distortion-free audio and extended dynamics while protections against short circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage guarantee a safe and reliable operation.

Designed for easy portability the MAUI 44 sub and aluminium array assembly weighs in at less than 60 kg. Custom multi-pin connectors minimize setup time , and the system’s superior feedback resistance and extremely wide 120° horizontal dispersion eliminate the need for dedicated monitoring.


The MAUI 44 G2 offers 1,500 watts of total power (RMS) with a frequency response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz and a sound pressure of 132 dB (peak). With its sound characteristics and versatile functions, the compact column PA is recommended for rental companies, musicians, small clubs and street festivals, as well as for fixed installations. In addition to the cardioid characteristics of the column elements, users can also benefit from a cardioid operation in the bass range with the use of an additional subwoofer. In Bluetooth mode, the MAUI 44 G2 provides full-bandwidth, high-resolution audio playback thanks to aptX and AAC encoding – and by combining two MAUI 44 G2s, even a wireless stereo system can be configured via TrueWireless Stereo technology.

    • Professional column PA system with 1500 W RMS and 132 dB max. SPL


      Cardioid column for controlled low- and mid-range frequency dispersion and cardioid subwoofer application (with additional subwoofer)


      TrueWireless™ stereo technology for wireless stereo pairing of two column systems


      aptX™ coding and advanced audio coding (AAC) for high-resolution Bluetooth® streaming


      BEM-optimized high-frequency waveguide for uniform dispersion pattern, phase plug for coherent mid-range wavefront and flow-optimised bass-reflex ports


      DynX® DSP technology for distortion-free sound at maximum volume


      Automatic setup detection


      Fast and simple assembly without stands or cables


      Rugged subwoofer housing made out of polyurea-coated birch plywood and lightweight, powder-coated aluminium column

      Column systems have literally revolutionized numerous application areas for bands and DJs. Never has it been easier to provide a consistent sound solution from a simple, inconspicuous PA system – even in large spaces. The MAUI® 44 G2 is now the practical, powerful solution for the professional segment.

      The LD Systems MAUI® 44 G2 W is the flagship of the MAUI series column PAs: it offers an enormous 1,500 watts of total output (RMS) with a frequency response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz and a sound-level pressure of 132 dB (peak). With its outstanding sound properties and wide-ranging functions, this compact column PA is perfect for rental companies, musicians, small clubs, street festivals and permanent installations. The cardioid properties of the column elements and the possibility of creating a cardioid bass with an additional subwoofer further highlights the professional nature of this sound system. The column achieves a rear attenuation of 18 dB, the subwoofer 15 dB. The MAUI® 44 G2 W also sets the tone when the two-part column is equipped with twelve 3.5″ neodymium full-range speakers and four 1″ HF drivers with waveguide. The phase plugs on the six upper drivers improve horizontal directivity, reduce distortion and optimise the sensitivity below the crossover frequency for the tweeters. In addition, the four tweeters feature specially designed and optimised compression drivers coupled to a constant directivity waveguide to provide 120° of coverage across the width and 25° of focused vertical directivity. The curved design of the waveguide transports more energy in the high frequencies to listeners standing further away.

      In the case of permanent installations or when providing sound for conferences, the TrueWireless™ stereo function makes life a whole lot easier since it enables two systems to be wirelessly connected for stereo reproduction. Bluetooth® streaming in HD quality is no problem at all thanks to aptX™ and AAC Codec, while DynX® DSP technology ensures distortion-free sound reproduction even at the very highest volumes. Total and subwoofer levels can be individually adjusted, providing a perfectly balanced sound in all situations, with a crystal-clear treble, a crisp mid-range and – thanks to the flow-optimised bass-reflex channels – a powerful bass.

      Another particularly user-friendly feature of the MAUI® 44 G2 W is automatic set-up recognition: if the column is removed to use the subwoofer as a slave, for example, the display automatically jumps to SLAVE and functions such as Bluetooth and the volume controls for MAIN and SUB no longer appear.

      The MAUI® 44 G2 W is absolutely top-class when it comes to transportation and mobile use, too: assembly is quick and simple with no need for cables or stands – special multi-pin connections are used instead. Together, the rugged subwoofer housing made of birch multiplex with polyurea coating and the light, powder-coated aluminium column weigh a total of less than 48 kg – a weight reduction of 20% as compared to the predecessor model. The optionally available transport roller board, carry bag and sub cover do a superb job in day-to-day use. In terms of inputs, the MAUI® 44 G2 W offers two XLR IN connections, while two XLR outputs enable a wired stereo configuration of two systems. Meanwhile the SUB OUT can be used to hook up an additional subwoofer, and the power supply is via secure and reliable powerCon connection.

Hint: door toepassing van aparte hoogdrivers, actieve proc. & 3weg amps ipv pimpen via eq, klinkt dit systeem veel frisser en opener dan de H*K elements of B*se zuil systemen.

Gemiste kans in dit systeem ?

Waarom niet een eenvoudige mixunit erin met 2x microfoon inputs & 3bands EQ… ??
Toch jammer…


LD systems

The same passion that takes hold of a musician on stage is what the engineers and designers at LD Systems® place into our products. These are not only sound technology specialists, but also sound technology enthusiasts, who passionately work out every detail until the sound and design meet the highest of standards.

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