LD Systems SP 46K PA Power Amplifier 4 x 1440 W 2 Ohm / B-STOCK



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LD Premium LDSP46K 4-Channel Power Amplifier

The LDSP46K is a no-compromise 4-channel power amplifier providing professional performance and versatility in a compact switch mode power supply Class H design. With a massive output of 4x 1.440W into 2Ohms and 2x 2.880 in 4Ohms stereo bridge mode it is an extremely efficient solution for touring and installation sound reinforcement weighing in at a mere 8.6kg.

Consistent operation is ensured by the heavy duty construction with high quality components and comprehensive protection circuitry including soft start with turn-on muting, PMS™ power management, SSP™ (Safe operation Sentry Protection) and ICL™ Intelligent Clip Limiting to maintain signal integrity. Protection circuits against DC, thermal and power supply overload are implemented. A switchable subsonic filter and a 3-position gain switch offer variable amplifier adjustment.

The LDSP46K features a full 20Hz – 20kHz bandwidth with low THD and crosstalk, a damping factor higher than 500, excellent S/N ratio and 3 selectable gain/sensitivity levels.


Product type
Power Amplifiers
PA Power Amplifiers
Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 2 Ohms)
4 x 1440 W
Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 4 Ohms)
4 x 1000 W
Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 8 Ohms)
4 x 620 W
Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 4 Ohms, bridged)
2 x 2880 W
Rated ouput power (1kHz @ 8 Ohms, bridged)
2 x 2000 W
Output circuitry
Class H
Frequency response
20 – 20000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 0.05 %
Signal-to-noise ratio
116 dB
Damping factor
> 500
>75 dB
26 / 32 / 38 dB
Input sensitivity
3.5 / 1.8 / 0.9 V
Protection circuits
DC , ICL (Intelligent Clip Limiting) , mute when turning on , Open or mismatched loads , PMS , power supply overload , short circuit , soft start , SSP , thermal protection
bridge/stereo mode selector , dual/link switch , gain , mains switch (on/off) , volume
ICL (Intelligent Clip Limiting) , PMS , Signal , temperature
Loudspeaker outputs
Speaker output connections
2 fans, continuous speed
Operating voltage
Switching power supply
Power consumption @ full load
Operating voltage
220 V AC – 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
483 mm
89 mm
310 mm
8,6 kg


LD systems

The same passion that takes hold of a musician on stage is what the engineers and designers at LD Systems® place into our products. These are not only sound technology specialists, but also sound technology enthusiasts, who passionately work out every detail until the sound and design meet the highest of standards.


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