RCF New M 20X Desktop Digital Mixer


Compact 20-input unit offers range of mix and routing functions as well as multitrack recording options, remote control and more.
The new M 20X mixer from RCF.

RCF is now shipping the M 20X, a compact, recallable mixer with 16 remote-controlled preamps and 11 motorized faders, 20 analog inputs, 14 output channels, and AES/EBU digital output.

Each of the 20 inputs has a 12 dB/octave high-pass filter, noise gate, compressor/de-esser (channels 1-16 only), 4-band parametric EQ, delay line, and channel presets with copy and paste utilities; the source can be selected between the analog input, USB audio interface, or SD card player into different insert points for added flexibility. A “Send View” page allows immediate verification of send levels on all buses for the specified input channel, including on/off and pre/post information.

Processing is available on all outputs, including 8-band parametric EQ with several selectable modes that also allow different slopes as well as time-delay with up to 85 meters (278 feet) compensation, compressor/limiter, and channel presets with copy and paste utilities. A stereo 30-band graphic equalizer is available on the Main outputs for more precise corrections of the overall frequency response. Routing options allow flexible use of the physical outputs.

On all outputs, the 8-band parametric equalizer can be configured in various operating modes: the first two and last two bands have selectable filter types, and they can be combined into a single, 24-dB/octave HPF or LPF. This also allows for crossover filtering in combination with the extensive routing capabilities, useful when a subwoofer is connected to one of the Mix outputs.

A set of 8 user keys with programming options is always available and offer immediate control of scene selection, play/record transport, tap tempo, user interface shortcuts. Four layers of fader assignments provide access to input channels 1-10 and 11-20, and to FX returns and outputs. The Fader View button shows all fader details on a single screen view.

The mixer can be monitored at any time via the Cue bus, which offers a real-time analyzer (RTA) and output via headphones. The 5-inch TFT touchscreen offers navigation of all the available features and can be optionally paired with an external tablet for extended control.

Two USB host ports on the top panel are available for WiFi dongles, USB-MIDI devices, and USB mass storage devices that can be used for stereo audio record/ playback, system backups, and firmware updates. An integrated SD card multitrack engine offers a maximum of 20 simultaneous tracks at 24-bit, 48 kHz, with extensive routing options.

The Mix Select buttons assign one of the 14 mixes to the physical faders, providing a choice among four effect buses, 8 Mix buses, and the Main mix bus. The Master fader is always associated with the output level of the selected bus.

Multitrack audio can be handled via the onboard USB 2.0 digital audio interface for a maximum of 24 x 24 channels, and through the internal SD-card multitrack player/recorder, no computer is required. In addition, a USB stereo multimedia player and recorder is available, handling multiple file formats (WAV, MP3, AIFF).

Four buses are dedicated to internal FX engines, arranged as two digital reverbs, a programmable delay, and a fourth FX that can be configured as delay or modulation. All FX engines offer multiple algorithms to match the specific needs of a show. It’s also possible to reserve one reverb for some inputs and use the second reverb as a general-purpose FX for other sources

Remote control is available with the M20 MixRemote, a dedicated App developed for both iOS and Android. There are several options to connect with the mixer, including Wireless (via an external WiFi access point connected to the LAN), USB )tethering to an Android tablet), Wired to an iOS or Android tablet (via LAN adapter), and WiFi dongle (two clients maximum).

The new M 20X measures 5.1 x 15.3 x 16.8 inches (h x w x d).



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