ADJ NEW VIZI BEAM RX2 /100W Osram Sirius HRI


Building on the success of ADJ’s extremely popular Vizi Beam RXONE, the new Vizi Beam RX2 features the same high output and small form factor but combined with an enhanced feature set. A tiny fixture that packs a serious punch, this dedicated moving head beam offers an extra rotating prism, motorized focus, 3-phase pan/tilt motors and Aria X2 wireless connectivity in addition to all the features and functionality of the original RXONE.

Designed for both the installation and rental/production markets, the Vizi Beam RX2 features an efficient OSRAM Sirius HRI 100-Watt discharge lamp, focused through a high quality glass lenses into a crisp 2-degree beam. This beam – capable of travelling a distance of up to 100 meters – can be used to generate impressive aerial effects and the fixture’s low weight (7.5 kg) and compact dimensions (230mm x 304mm x 416mm [L x W x H]) mean that it can be easily utilized in large quantities without overloading trusses.

The fixture features a carefully-curated feature set designed to provide exactly what a lighting designer wants from this type of fixture. A 14 position (+ open white) color wheel features a selection of vibrant dichroic filters, as well as CTO (3200K), CTB (4500K & 9000K) and UV, and is indexed allowing for the selection of split colors. This is paired with a separate wheel featuring 15 static metal-stamped GOBO patterns (+ open spot), which includes three beam reducers. A frost filter allows the fixture to switch to a wash output and the pair of rotating prisms (16-facet circular and 4-facet linear) allow for the creation of impressive mid-air effects. Motorized focus allows both prisms, as well as single GOBO projections, to be brought perfectly into focus or artistically blurred out.

A significant upgrade for this new model, the 3-phase pan and tilt motors allow for extremely quick movement as well as precise positioning. Meanwhile, the inclusion of the new Aria X2 wireless management suite not only allows for wireless DMX control, but remote fixture configuration via Bluetooth and OTA (Over The Air) wireless firmware updates. The fixture is also compatible with RDM and features a large backlit LCD display and intuitive menu interface to allow configuration directly from the unit.

“The Vizi Beam RXONE has been a persistent best seller for ADJ,” comments ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales, “due to its compact size, low weight and impressive output. The new Vizi Beam RX2 inherits everything that made the original version so popular and adds extremely useful additional features that make it the ultimate ultra compact beam luminaire.”


• 3-Phase, High Speed, Pan/Tilt Motors
• Beam Angle: 2°
• 16-facet circular & 6-facet linear prisms
• Prism Overlay
• 100W Osram Sirius HRI Long Life Discharge
• Color Temperature : 9000K

Elevate your lighting performance with the ADJ Lighting Vizi Beam RX2, a compact and quick moving head beam fixture designed for the modern lighting designer. Featuring a vigorous 100W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp with a 6,000-hour lifespan, this potent fixture delivers stunning visuals with a precise 2-degree beam angle, as well as, high speed 3-phase pan/tilt motors for maximum performance.

Unlock a wealth of features including on-board wireless DMX, two prism wheels (16-facet circular & 4-facet linear), a frost effect, motorized focus (with 16-bit fine focus), along with a 14-color dichroic wheel that includes CTO (3200K), CTB (9000k) & UV filters) and 15 static GOBOs + open (3 GOBOs are beam reducers).

The fixture boasts advanced features, including 2 rotating prisms (16-facet circular & 6-facet linear + prism overlay), a frost filter for creating wash effects, and pan/tilt locks for added stability during transportation and rigging. With a color LCD display, 0-100% smooth dimming, and various strobe speeds, the Vizi Beam CMY offers intuitive control.

Designed for convenience, it features outdoor-rated In/Out locking connections for power daisy-chaining, 5-pin In/Out DMX sockets and a color LCD display with 4-button function menu. The Vizi Beam RX2 is a versatile and reliable lighting solution for any high-octane event.

  • • OSRAM Sirius HRI 100W Discharge Lamp (6,000 hr.)
  • • Color temperature: 9000K (+/- 300K)

  • • On-Board Wireless DMX
  • • Motorized Focus + 16-Bit Fine Focus
  • • 2-Degree beam angle
  • • Frost Filter (to create wash effect)
  • • High Quality Glass Lens
  • • 2 Rotating Prisms
  • • 0-100% Smooth Dimming
  • • Various Strobe Speeds
  • • OTA, wireless, firmware updates
  • • Fan cooled

  • • 14 Dichroic Colors + white (Includes CTO (3200K), CTB (9000K) & UV)
  • • Indexable Color Wheel (for Split Colors)

  • • 15 static GOBOs + open (3 GOBOs are beam reducers)
  • • GOBO Shake Effect

  • • 2 Rotating prisms
  • • 16-Facet circular and 6 facet linear prisms
  • • Prisms Overlay

  • • Protocols: DMX512 & RDM
  • • Control Mode: DMX512 & Manual (On-board Controls)
  • • 2 DMX Channel Modes: 12/16 Channels
  • • Color LCD display with 4-button function menu
  • • 0-100% smooth dimming
  • • Various strobe speeds
  • • With Wired Digital Communication Network

  • • Pan: 540 Degrees (plus 16-bit fine pan)
  • • Tilt: 270 degrees (plus 16-bit fine tilt)
  • • 3-Phase, High Speed, Pan/Tilt Motors

  • • DMX Connections: 5-pin DMX In/Out (Data link max: 32 fixtures)
  • • Power Connections: Outdoor locking In/Out connections to daisy chain power

  • • Multi-voltage Operation: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • • Max power consumption: 168W (@120V), 157W (@230V))

  • • Dimension: 230 x 304 x 416mm
  • • Weight: 7.5 kg.

  • • CE
  • • cETLus (Pending)

  • • 2x Omega Brackets (107 Type)
  • • 1x 2M, Outdoor Locking 14AWG Power Cord

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Gewicht 15.00 kg



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