CONTRIK – CPR32AMP-C2-F7-CB – krachtstroomverdeler


Belangrijke kenmerken

  • Hoge kwaliteit componenten van gerenommeerde merken
  • Gemaakt in de EU
  • Goede prijs/kwaliteit verhouding
  • Circuit beveiliging met aardlekschakelaar (RCCB) en automatische zekeringen (MCB)


  • 1x CEE32A input aan de voorzijde
  • 1x CEE32A output (doorlus) aan de voorzijde)
  • 1x Schuko Type F aan de voorzijde
  • 6x Schuko Type F aan de achterzijde


  • Versterkerversterker Apparaat wat kleine signalen versterkt tot hoog speakernivo  racks, lichtsystemen en video walls
  • Mobiel: festivals, live events, control panels/ruimtes
  • Theaters, studio’s, beurzen
  • Specificaties

    Ingangen: 1x CEE32A
    Uitgangen: 7x Schuko
    Doorlus: 1x CEE32A
    Beveiliging: 1x aardlek, 3x zekeringautomaat
    Voltage: 415 V/AC, 50 Hz
    Stroomsterkte (max): Schuko aansluiting 230V/16A
    Protection class: IP20
    LED indicatie: L1, L2, L3, groen
    LED indicatie: L1, L2, L3, groen
    Materiaal: Metaal
    Kleur: Zwart
    Hoogte: 2U
    Afmetingen (hxbxd): 88 x 483 x 104 mm
    Gewicht: 3.8 Kg

Contrik Power Distribution is a thought through professional power distribution system for the event area. Specifically for video wall, stage lighting and audio installations.

The system consists of passive and active distribution boxes, power cables and installation accessory. The power distribution boxes come in different form-factors featuring diverse popular interfaces including powerCON TRUE1, Harting E16, Socapex, Schuko.

The Contrik Power Distribution system fits perfectly to the mobile and semi-permanent installations:

  • Extremely rugged and durable solutions with high level of mechanical and environmental protection (IP, IK, flammability,..)
  • Thought through housing design for easy handling and transport (compact, lightweight, stackable,  ..)
  • Versatile mounting options
  • High quality professional look & feel

Extra informatie

Gewicht 10 kg




CONTRIK is a brand of the Neutrik Group and a provider of professional power distribution systems, equipotential bonding systems and premium power cables.

Made in Germany Our promise to you is high availability, outstanding quality, and excellent support. Therefore, our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany!
Entertainment, Construction – What else? CONTRIK products are extremely robust, incomparably reliable and last a lifetime.
That is why our products are ideally suited for your use in rentalevent and touring environments. But not only for the entertainment industry, also in the construction industry, our products will meet your requirements. Whether you need our systems on the stage and construction site or just need them to be mobilerobust and reliable, our products are unbeatable.


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