Dateq CREW Compact stereo-mixer, 7kanalen, 2 zones outputs

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Dateq CREW

Compact stereo-mixer, 7kanalen, 2 zones outputs

The Crew, a new and compact DATEQ mixer, fits in anywhere!

7 Channels/ 14 Inputs

The Crew has 7 channels with 2 inputs on each channel. Three microphones and 11
line-inputs, for example CD-players, computers, tuners, video or MP3-players,
can all be connected at the same time! When using a DATEQ
MD-2 RIAA pre-amplifier it is possible to connect a record player.
Channel one and two have a microphone pre-amplifier with gain control and a
two-way equaliser.

Talk-Overtalk-over talk-over: Electronisch systeem wat ervoor zorgt dat bij spreken in microfoon andere kanalen automatisch in volume worden teruggeregeld.

The first channel is equipped with a talk-over circuit to improve speech

This ciruit is triggered by the microphone-signal. When you speak into the
microphone all the other active channels will be attenuated. This makes it
possible to make an announcement without taking care of the volume of all the
other channels.
The threshold level can be internally adjusted.

2 + 4 Zones

The Crew is a multi-zone mixer, and the catering proprietor is the director of
the sound level. By default the Crew is equipped with two zones to make it
possible to play the sound for instance at the bar at a relaxed level, and on
the dancing-floor at a higher level with a firm bass.

Optionally four additional zones may be added to the Crew. These zones have a
volume- control input to remotely adjust the signal level with a potentiometer
or a control voltage!
A unique DATEQ invention that will prove it’s value in various conference

2 Band equaliser

Both master outputs have a separate 2-way equaliser, a balance and a volume
control. The microphone inputs (channel 1 and channel 2) each have a 2-way
All the inputs have a gain-control at the back of the mixer. The input level can
be adjusted from -14dB…+6dB.

Master outputs

The master A outputs have electronically balanced outputs on XLR-connectors and
an unbalanced output at cinch-connectors. The balanced output makes it possible
to use long signal-cables so that the amplifiers can be placed near to the
speakers. Master B and the optional zones all have unbalanced outputs at cinch

The Crew has a clearly readable 2×12 segment VU-meter and a phones output.

  • Only three units high (132 mm)
  • Three microphone and eleven line inputs
  • Separate gain control on each input
  • Output zones: two standard, four extra optional output zones
  • Balanced and unbalanced master outputs
  • Two band equaliser on the microphone inputs and on the two standard master

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D&R / Dateq

D&R Electronica B.V. has been operating for 46 years now. which is an ideal time to stop for a moment and take a look back at the past, as well as towards the future. D&R was founded in March 1972 by (D)uco de Rijk and(&) (R)onnie Goene. Their aim was to design and manufacture mixing consoles for the music industry that were both affordable and of high quality. Since then, the company has gone far beyond its pioneering phase, weathered various economic storms and has expanded into a concept in the professional audio world. Our export business worldwide to every country you can think of has brought with it a steady growth in turnover and widespread distribution among buyers. Initially, D&R was a trend-setter in PA mixers. After that, we went into the studio recording sector and the world of broadcasting, Today, D&R is in the process of becoming a concept in its own right in the video and film audio post-production indD&R Buildingustry. This is a fast-growing industry which provides for the ever-growing demand for more image and sound information in every conceivable area. The enormous worldwide increase in radio and television broadcasters and the revitalized success of feature films for the cinema means that there is increasing demand for D&R products. The last 10 years D&R is mainly involved in Broadcast related products, such as the Webstation, AXUM, Airlite-USB, Airmate-USB, AIRENCE-USB, Airlab-DT, Lyra. Also our (GSM) Hybrids are very popular.


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