KV2-Audio EX 2.2 high output active subwoofer system


1000 Watt Dual 12-inch Subwoofer with current-enhancing Switch Mode technology

EX 2.2 is a compact, high output active subwoofer system. Through the
use of proprietary amplifier technology, precision manufactured,
high-tech woofer designs and the innovative implementation of a high
efficiency, twin chamber acoustic design, the EX 2.2 delivers tight,
fast, controlled bass response at very high levels. It falls directly
out of KV2 Audio?s philosophy to develop products with increased
dynamic range, very high output and a consistent sound character no
matter what the output level. The system establishes new performance
standards for a compact subwoofer that can only be achieved through the
integration of new amplifier, transducer and electronic control
technologies that are closely tied to a passion for taking performance
to the next level.

EX2.2 is can be used in a variety of system applications. It can add
high performance bass reproduction to active speaker systems such as
KV2 Audio?s EX10 loudspeaker, or it can be easily used with passive
speaker systems. The built in electronic high pass filter, phase and
independent output level controls provide high precision, easy to use
system integration circuitry.


  • Small to medium-sized Live and Playback Applications
  • Portable PA Systems for speech and multimedia playback
  • Mobile DJ
  • Fixed Installations


  • Active high output, double 12-inch, bass module
  • 1000 Watt High-efficiency amplifier featuring current-enhancing switch mode technology with linear active filter
  • High efficiency acoustic design delivers over 130dB of output
  • Complete,
    on-board subwoofer management including equalization, crossover
    filters, amplifier overdrive protection, output level and phase controls
  • Left & Right Stereo or Mono inputs with through signal outputs and high pass outputs
  • Two
    12-inch, high output, high efficiency low frequency drivers with 3.00?
    (75mm) polymide, high temperature voice coil assembly and carbon fiber
    reinforced cone assemblies
  • Professional, Baltic birch construction with highly resistant polymer coating
  • Two recessed side handles for simplified handling and carrying
  • Acetal
    copolymer high impact, low friction feet are located on two sides
    allowing vertical or horizontal system set up, lock-in and easy cabinet
  • Two internal corner braces with four M10 suspension points
  • Top hat for pole insertion and speaker placement
  • LED indicators for signal present, limiter, thermal condition and power ON status

Amplifier power, electronic crossovers, equalization and speaker
protection are integrated into the EX 2.2?s amplifier module. On-board
electronics ensures fast, easy set up, complete control making it easy
to set up and long term reliability. An improved version of KV2 Audio?s
switch mode, current enhancing low frequency amplifier has been
specially developed for the EX 2.2. The new design improves overall
system efficiency to over 90% and delivers 1000 watts of continuous

Audio has developed an amplifier topology that delivers two unique
characteristics that are critically important for high performance,
active subwoofer systems. The EX 2.2 amplifier topology delivers very
high efficiency and generates minimal thermal losses allowing the
amplifier to deliver extremely high power levels reliably and
simplifying the cooling system. Secondly, in order to reproduce low
frequency information with high transient levels and extend the
operational boundaries of the acoustic design, the amplifier needs to
deliver an extraordinary amount of current in order to maintain the
woofer under control. This is especially true under standard ?phase
shift? conditions in which the amount of total voltage the amplifier
can deliver is limited and the current requirement is sometimes
doubled. Through the implementation of a unique, switch mode amplifier
technology, the EX 2.2 amplifier delivers on both objectives, providing
extremely high efficiency, low losses and delivering the highest woofer
control by delivering higher current levels under ?phase shift?

electronics are fitted onto to a large format, finned, aluminum alloy
heat sink providing high flow, passive cooling and eliminating standard
maintenance cycles associated with forced cooled amplifier designs. The
entire mechanical assembly is fitted on a mechanical suspension system
that isolates low frequency energy and ensures long term reliability.

Acoustic Components
The EX 2.2?s woofer technology is based around high efficiency woofer
designs. The devices feature, high temperature polymide voice coil
assemblies that undergo multiple baking and curing processes as well as
advanced magnetic structures with complex cooling systems. The woofer
cones have been specially developed to withstand the demanding
environment created by the high loading inside the EX 2.2.

EX 2.2 was designed using new concepts in twin asymmetrical acoustic
chambers that deliver very high speaker loading and output from a
relatively small cabinet footprint. It is ideal for use in live
applications that require reproduction of low frequencies with very
high transient content at high output levels.

Enclosure Design
The EX 2.2 is a very compact, lightweight enclosure featuring a number
of ergonomically designed parts that make it an easy system to set up
and use. KV2 designed and tooled a new very compact ?side handle? that
is recessed into each side of the cabinet. There are eight custom
molded, low friction feet placed at the bottom and back of the cabinet.
Routed ?foot? cutouts allow easy stacking.

are two industrial grade, internal braces placed at the top of the
cabinet. Each brace is held in place by four M8 bolt and feature two
M10 hang points providing a wide range of installation and suspension
flexibility. There is also a pole mount ?top hat? located at the top of
the cabinet.


1.5M (5ft) telescoping pole for mounting speakers on EX 2.2

Panted Baltic birch custom cart with heavy duty blue wheels


Allows fixed mounting of EX2.2

Technical specifications

System Acoustic
?3dB response 38Hz – 130Hz
?10dB response 32Hz – 150Hz
Max SPL long-term 130dB
Max SPL Peak 133dB
Crossover Points 120Hz
Low Frequency Section
Number of Drivers 2
Acoustic Design Acoustic loading via twin asymmetrical chambers
Woofer Size 12.00?(300mm)
Voice Coil Diameter 3.00″(75mm) Inside/Outside epoxy baked
Diaphragm Material Epoxy-reinforced Cellulose
Magnet Type Advanced ventilated ferrite
Bass Amplifier Specifications
Type High-efficiency, Current-enhancing Switch Mode technology with Linear Active Filter
Rated Continuous Power 1000 Watts
Distortion <.05% THDz
Operating Bandwidth 20Hz ? 2kHz
Cooling Passive ? finned aluminum heatsink
Power Supply Iron core toroidal transformer
Line input Power
US 115VAC, 60Hz
Recommended amperage service 10 Amps
AC Connector Neutrik Powercon? NAC3MPA Connector (Included)
Europe 230VAC, 50Hz
Recommended amperage service 7 Amps
AC connector Neutrik Powercon? NAC3MPA Connector (Included)
Control Panel
System Level Control Rotary control (-6db to +6db)
Phase Control 2-position push-button 0? / 180? switch
System Status LED Indicators Green / Red – Power ON / Thermal
Yellow ? Limiter
Green ? Signal Present – Left Input Channel
Green ? Signal Present – Right Input Channel
ON / OFF Switch 2-position rocker switch
Signal Input
Main Signal Input Connector Female XLR
Signal Impedance 20 KOhms (Balanced Signal)
Through Signal Output Male XLR
High Pass Output Male XLR
High Pass Frequency 120Hz
EX 2.2 Electronic System Controls Electronic band pass crossover filters
Limiting and control of amplifier system?s RMS output

Power supply and amplifier thermal protection

Construction Features
Basic Geometric Design Standard rectangular Geometry
Material 15mm Exterior Grade Baltic Birch
Finish Ultra wear-resistant black polymer coating
Hardware Two (2) Each Integrated”L” Brackets
Frour (4) 10mm suspension points
One (1) Each 1.375? (35mm) Pole Mount

Two (2) Each recessed side handles
Eight (8) Each 2.36 (60mm) low friction feet located on bottom and rear of cabinet

Grill Acoustically Designed Perforated Metal
Height 18.54? (471mm)
Width 23.38? (594mm)
Depth 24.21? (615mm)
Weight 114 lbs. (52kg)

Extra informatie

Gewicht 60.00 kg


KV2 audio

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