Lauten Audio Torch ST-221 Stereo Pair

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Unique, Responsive, Versatile, Fully accessorized


The ST-221 Torch is the most unique and versatile pair of small
diaphragm microphones you will find. It has a surprisingly big low-end
and fast transient response, producing original sound when recording
instruments. Featuring 21 accessories, these microphones can meet every
challenge in the modern day studio.

“I gotta say I’m loving these mics! The Torch is great on Hi Hats.”

“Recorded violin… Used the Torch, killer, sounded perfect.”

Matt Boudreau – Broken Radio Studios, San Francisco

Opening new doors with a fat bottom-end

Think small diaphragm mics have a weak low-end? Then you haven’t heard
these! In our sound design, we have retained the fast transient
response that gives the small diaphragm microphone its characteristic
natural sound, while adding a full low-end more often associated with a
large diaphragm condenser. With this combination, you can open new
doors to small diaphragm mic sound.

“Recording solo cello I used both a Horizon and a Torch with the
Horizon in front of the F-hole 8 to 10” back and the Torch on the
bridge, same distance but with the Omni capsule. The Producer and the
Cellist both commented on how great the mics sounded……
Mark Capps – Multi-Platinum, Three-time Grammy & Marlin Award Winning Engineer

Versatility in sound and accessories

The ST-221 Torch was designed to help you achieve a
broad palette of sound. The
high SPL handling and generous dynamic range allows you to record loud
sources such as kick drums and guitar amps with no distortion. You can
also experiment with room character or tight focused sounds with the
interchangeable omnidirectional and cardioid capsules. Finally, our
custom windscreens reduce adverse effects and protect the capsules when
used on highly plosive sources.

“I used the Torches as the ambient mics, also did a roomy cello part
with a Torch in omni and they performed beautifully. The 221s are
excellent for applying in lieu of where one would use a ribbon mic.
But, they are also special and don’t really sound like ribbons at all
of course.”
Ken Stringfellow – Artist/Producer/Engineer

A mount for every placement challenge

The ST-221 Torch comes with every mounting option
you need. The custom made shock mounts reduce excessive vibrations in
any environment. The hard mounts are perfect for tight spaces and close
micing. The custom designed mounting bar makes it easy to position the
mics for stereo recording. With these mounts you can resolve every
placement challenge you face.

“I used a Torch on a Taylor acoustic guitar; I found a nice bottom
end, but a ribbon-like top end. Very Nice! The Torches are also my new
mics of choice for drum overheads.”
Mark Capps
Multi-Platinum, Three-time Grammy & Marlin Award Winning Engineer

Premium components for exceptional performance

each ST-221 Torch features custom tuned 15.25mm diaphragm cardioid and
omni capsules, which produce a unique conversion of sound waves. The
subminiature military grade vacuum tube generates a fantastic tone and
adds a unique character in your recordings. Finally, the custom-wound
output transformer and premium electronics come together to give you
exceptional performance and original sound.

“I was very impressed by your new Torch mics. The first time I put
one up to record my acoustic guitar I forgot that I was wearing
headphones. It sounded like my guitar, and not a mic’d version of it.
The Torch is dead-quiet, and has a beautifully natural response. I love
the full, but controlled bottom end”
Michael Nielsen – Composer/Producer



Features and specs you should expect




Omnidirectional and cardioid
polar patterns
NOS (New-old-stock) military grade vacuum tube
Robust vintage style body
Low self-noise
Custom wound output transformer
High dynamic range
All the accessories you need



Included Accessories


Omnidirectional and cardioid capsules
Sustainably farmed wood mic box
Custom foam windscreens
Hard mounts
Shock mounts
Custom stereo mounting bar
Premium Gotham 7-pin tube mic cables
Power Supplies
Deluxe flight case





Circuit Vacuum Tube
Type Pressure gradient condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid & Omnidirectional
Freq. Response 30Hz-20KHz
Dynamic Range 117dB minimum
Impedance more than: 200 ohms
Max. SPL 0.5%THD@1000Hz: 132dB
Self-noise level 15dB(A)
Special Features Interchangeable capsules
Connectors 7-pin XLR & 3-Pin Standard XLR
Power Requirement Dedicated power supply 100 to 230v



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