Mundorf AMTU110W1.1 Tweeter (AMT)


Wij halen een paar top hoogdrivers van Mundorf naar voren vanwege hun hogere SPL level, en daardoor inzetbaar in PA systemen.

6 Ohms 61x131mm · Neodymium

AMT U110W1.1 offers huge SPL reserves for large floor standing speakers with a low crossover frequency or for quite demanding home-theater speakers. It is predestined for applications where low ceiling or floor reflections might cause difficulties. Its SPL reserves, together with the decisive quality features of our AMT U.Series with Mundorf diaphragm, such as exceptionally low K3 / K5 distortion data, a truly powerful music performance within the entire application range and, at the same time, the fine micro-dynamics and richness of music details that distinguish all Mundorf AMTs, make AMT U110W1.1 always the first choice when a little more of everything is in demand.

Our AMT U.Series tweeters are gaining more and more popularity among discerning DIY loudspeaker builders too. In order to meet their demands in terms of precise but easy baffle-front mounting and quality finish, from now on, every U.Series model will come with an attractive black aluminum face plate. A precisely fitting cutout in the back of the 6mm! thick plate ensures that the AMT motor unit is perfectly centered and can be integrated flush into the loudspeaker baffle with an enlarged contact surface.

  • Nominal Impedance 6 Ohm
    Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m 93 dB
    Application (@12/6dB.Oct) 1.8/2.7-27 Kilohertz
    Dimensions L61xH131xZ48 mm


    Tweeter typeAir motion transformer (AMT)
    Tweeter serie U.Series
    Belastbaarheid (RMS)20 Watts
    Impedantie (Z)6 Ω
    Gevoeligheid2.83V/1m 93 dB
    Frequentierespons1.4 kHz – 28 kHz
    Resonantiefrequentie (Fs)1750 Hz
    Gelijstroomweerstand (Re)5.5 Ω

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Gewicht 7.00 kg




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