Audac CMX826/B headset black




The CMX826 is a headset condenser microphone with a directional cardioid pick-up pattern, designed for professional ‘hands free’ voice reinforcement or recording applications. The cardioid pick-up pattern guarantees an excellent rejection of background noise and feedback, allowing it to be used in acoustical demanding applications or situations where the performer is positioned in front of loudspeakers or monitors. The highly adjustable head bracket is lightweight, ergonomically and not to be obstructive constructed, guaranteeing a minimum visual impact. The dual ear construction features a rubber covering with a comfortable and stable fitting, while offering the possibility for positioning on both left & right ear side. The highly flexible boom guarantees a highly accurate and fast positioning. The tailored frequency response in combination with the special headband and highly flexible microphone boom makes the CMX826 the perfect fit for stage performances such as theaters or musicals and even highly energetic live performances such as gym / aerobics or other live performances where musicians are also acting as vocalists. A drop stopper on the microphone boom avoids humidity to reach the microphone cell. A connector splits the cable from the microphone, allowing quick exchange which is valuable for both service use or when used in combination with different types of transmitters. The microphone comes with 4 types of connectors included, making it suitable for use with different major systems manufacturers. Additional connector types are optionally available. Available in black and beige and comes with windscreen and cable clip for anchoring to clothing included.

Konnektor:4x (3‑pin AKG, 4‑pin Shure, 3.5mm Senn/DB)
Frequentiebereik:50Hz ‑ 16kHz
Gevoeligheid:‑44dB +/‑3dB
Impedantie:2000 Ohm
Voeding:1.5 ‑ 9V
Microfoon links of rechts te dragen
Oorbeugels met rubberen coating
Flexibele microfoonarm
Gewicht:40 gram
Afmetingen (hxbxd):140mm x 75mm x 150mm
Accessoires incl.:Windscreen, 4x Kabel met verloopconnector



Audac: het merk voor uw al uw installatie projecten. Of het nou horeca, winkels, bedrijven, strandtenten, stadion of sportvelden betreft, Audac heeft alle  techniek in huis voor een perfecte weergave en simpele bediening.

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