AXXENT AMV-7240 DSC Automatic Mixer/Amplifier


Automatic Mixer/Amplifier

The axxent AMV7240DSC is an analog automatic Powermixer, with digital processing and sound adjustment. It has been developed for applications in churches, schools, conferences, meetings, etc. All new is an advanced technology dsp unit that allows detailed sound processing including delays up to 290 ms/99.5 m, multiple equalization bell, shelving, allpass, variQ, filters with Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel characterics with 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB slopes, limiter and gain function, auto level control. The integrated dsp features two channels. Since the AMV7240DSC is a monaural mixer/amplifier, one channel of the dsp can be applied to the main amplifier output and the second channel for one of the remaining line level outputs to drive separate amplifiers. All functions of the dsp are accessible from the front panel as well as from external computers (Windows) via the usb port with B-type usb connector. Two-line 2×16 character LCD display eases adjustments and preset selection. Critical adjustments are protected by password function

5 inputs, microphone or line level, and 2 additional inputs for compact disc player, tuner or other high level sources. Accessible to the installer, by removing a small steel plate on the front top of the unit, are various controls such as 40 dB gain, high pass filter (150 Hz), compressor, limiter, three band eq, and threshold control of the noise gate. The latter enables automatic mixing function, each with engage/disable function from the front panel. The input section is analog, with Neutrik combo (xlr/phone jacks) with 48V phantom voltage to the microphones.

In addition to the 5 Microphone/line inputs, there are two auxiliary RCA inputs for music sources as well as RCA connector for recording. Music source can be switched to aux 1 or aux 2 and is ducked by microphone/line inputs. Ducking depth and gain aux as well as ducking gate can be adjusted by removing a steel plate as described before.

Factory presets are in most applications suitable for standard installations.

Power amplifier section features 240 W rms to the 50/70/100 V outputs as well as the 4 Ohms output. Constant voltage outputs are galvanic isolated by a high quality audio transformer. The power amplifier is driven by the channel 1 of the dsp.

In addition to the power amplifier output, the AMV7240DSC features three xlr line level outputs.

  • In its standard factory configuration, line level output 1 is parallel to the power amplifier input section with identical sound settings.
  • Line level output 2 is driven by the channel 2 of the dsp, allowing complete different sound settings for example separate amplifiers/loudspeakers.
  • Line level output 3 in its factory preset receives its level post master, in front of the dsp. I.e. this output is not affected by the dsp control. However, jumpers on the main board allow settings to pre master or after the dsp – same as the output 1.

    The most important features
    • Automatic mixer with built in amplifier, 240 watts.
    • Automatic mixer function (gating) switchable separately for each input
    • Outputs 4 Ohms and 50/70/100 V transformer isolated
    • 5 microphone/line inputs with xlr combo connectors
    • 48 V phantom power
    • 2 auxiliary inputs, RCA, switchable
    • Input limiter, input gain, internally adjustable
    • 3 band eq, compressor, internally adjustable Input high pass filter 150 Hz, switchable
    2 channel dsp with advanced features such as:
    • Delay up to 99.5 m/290 ms
    • Input routing
    • Multiband eq with bell, hi-shelf, lo-shelf, notch filter
    • Butterworth, Linkwitz/Riley/Bessel Filters 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB slopes
    • Auto level, limiter, gain.
    • Front usb connector for connection to Windows computer
    • Current sound control software supplied on an usb stick.
    • Front preset selector with display allows all dsp control settings
    • Password protection for sensitive settings.
    • 20 presets possible
    • Default factory preset for a start.


Output power 200 W sine wave, 240 W rms
Frequency response 35…20,000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.15%
Signal to noise ratio mic inputs >68 dB, aux inputs > 98 dB
Power output 50/70/100 V transformer isolated, 4 Ohms direct
XLR outputs +6 dB, balanced
inputs : 2 aux, unbalanced rca connectors, switchable, 5 mic/line inputs, 3 pin xlr combo connectors
Input sensitivity mic/line 0.7 mV – 460 mV/2.6 kOhms; aux inputs 7 mV – 4.6 V/26 kOhms
Phantom power 48 V/10 mA, internally switchable on each input
Power consumption 40 VA idle, full load 370 VA
Mains voltage 230 V AC
Mains connector IEC, detachable
Dimensions (w x h x d) 430x88x335 mm without rack ears. Width with rack ears 483 mm
weight net 10.15 kg, Shipping 13 kg

Technical data subject to change without notice.



Axxent / intercom systemen 1:1 compatible met ASL

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