Current Thinking IRRXX compact receiver for infrared assistive



The IR Rx is a compact receiver for infrared assistive listening systems, and forms the user component in the Infra~Hear™ range of products. Using high frequency modulation at 2.3MHz the Infra~Hear™ products are immune to interference from energy saving lighting and plasma displays. The receiver is battery powered from standard AAA batteries with a life of over 30 hours between charges, saving the expence of custom battery packs and chargers. The volume control has a positive snap, and enables users with limited mobility to use the system. Due to its compact design the unit can be discreetly worn, suspended by the integral neck loop, even when using the external headphone socket. The ability to add external headphones allows the receivers to be used by non hearing aid wearers in museum tour guide systems or for secondary language translation systems, or simply to test operation of the receiver without stocking two receiver types. Infra red light will not pass through walls, ensuring security in sensitive locations such as courts and council chambers.

• 30 Hours life from two AAA batteries
• High frequency modulation, free from lighting interference.
• Inbuilt neck loop complies with EN60118-4
• External headphone connector for non hearing aid wearers
• Ergonomic case design.
• Works with standard NiMH recargeable batteries
• Ideal for museum and tour systems

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