AXXENT Induction Loop Amplifier ISV1000 / RINGLEIDING 




Induction loop amplifiers serve the need to drive closed loops within rooms, whether in-ceiling
or in the floor. The induced audio frequency spectrum is being received by hearing aids marked by a “T”.

Audio – whether music or speech – being amplified by a loop amplifier and received by hearing aids
normally is better noticeable and understandable by hearing impaired persons than the pure acoustic
sound amplified by hearing aids. The cause lies in the wide audio spectrum that is being amplified and in
the compression method in loop amplifiers that allows a clear recognition of low music or speech passages.

Absolutely new with the axxent loop amplifier ISV1000 is the scalable amplification: Standard configuration
allows driving loops for rooms up to 1000 square meters. 500, 200 and 100 square meters configurations
are easily made by jumper settings inside the amplifier. One amplifier model may be used for various room
sizes – from conference rooms to churches.

The axxent induction loop amplifier ISV1000 is available immediately.


Induction Loop Amplifier

The loop amplifier ISV1000 is a newly developed product made by axxent. This type of amplifier powers induction loops inside rooms – either in the floor or in ceilings. This induces an induction into the air between the outer borders of the cable loops. Reception loops are built into most hearing aids. The audio signal from the induction loops is much better for the hearing impaired than the acoustic signal. This is because of the broad frequency spectrum fed into the loop and the compression used in the amplifier that enables the hearing impaired to hear low level music or speech.

Very new about the axxent ISV1000 is that it may not only cover room sizes of up to 1000 square meters, but also up to 500 square meters, 200 square meters or up to 100 square meters. Adjustments are made inside the amplifier and this makes it possible that only one model covers all applications.

• For induction loops of widely varying sizes
• Peak current 12.7 A
• Up to 1000 sqm, 8.8 A maximum, preinstalled, jumper adjustment
• Up to 500 sqm, 6.7 A maximum, jumper adjustment
• Up to 200 sqm, 4.3 A maximum, jumper adjustment
• Up to 100 sqm, 3 A maximum,pre-installed, jumper adjustment
• Two balanced XLR microphone inputs
• Phantom power switchable
• XLR line input
• Line input with Eurobloc connector and 24 VDC for external mic/line amplifiers
• Built in compressor
• Metal correction potentiometer
• Drive potentiometer
• 3.5 mm connector for headphone monitoring
• All potentiometer knobs may be removed and covered by blinds to avoid mis-adjustment by unqualified users
• IEC power connector with 2 A fuse, slow blow

Technical Comments
The axxent induction loop amplifier ISV1000 drives induction loops with impedances between 0.3 ohms to 2.5 ohms with full power. Please note that at the highest available power a current of up to 10 Ampère may be flowing into the loop. It is advisable to check the loop that there is no complete shortage. This can be measured using a standard Ohm meter. Length of the loop should be checked also, so that the impedance mentioned above exists. Induction loops should have a single core cable. Basic difference between induction loop amplifiers and “standard” audio amplifiers is that loop amplifiers are amplifying current into very low impedance whereas “standard” amplifiers are meant to amplify voltage into higher impedances.

The ISV1000 has removable “rack ears” for its use as a table top amplifier. Rubber feet facilitate this use also. The housing is made of solid steel, powder coated.

434 mm W (w/o rack ears), 190 mm D (including potentiometer knobs and connectors), 44 mm H (w/o rubber feet).

3.3 kgs net, shipping 5.1 kgs.





Axxent / intercom systemen 1:1 compatible met ASL


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