Current Thinking ETRX reciever



The ETRX is designed to allow people without hearing aids to listen to the programme material being broadcast by the induction (AFILS) loop amplifier.

The receiver has many uses, from testing the audio quality of a loop installation, to providing museum talk through system for non hearing aid users


Power is provided by a PP3 type battery, providing over 20 hours of continuous use from an alkaline battery. In standby the unit consumes only 40uA. If the unit is to be left unused for long periods of time then the batteries should be removed to prevent them discharging fully or leaking.

Any standard “walkman” style headphones can be used with the ETRX, as long as the impedance of the headphones is between 16 ohms and 32 ohms.

Battery Powered
Low consumption
Highpass filter
Sensitivity Conforms to IEC118-1

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Extra informatie

Gewicht 1.00 kg


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