Heco Celan Revolution 9 Floorstanding Speaker White


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      The HECO CELAN REVOLUTION 9 is a large state-of-the-art floorstanding speaker with outstanding acoustic properties. The eye-catcher of the largest floorstanding speaker in the series is the angled top and the solid aluminum trusses, which offer a wide base for a firm stand.

      3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker with double bass: CELAN REVOLUTION 9

      The HECO CELAN REVOLUTION 9 is a large state-of-the-art floorstanding speaker with outstanding acoustic properties. The eye-catcher of the largest floorstanding speaker in the series is the angled top and the solid aluminum trusses, which offer a wide base for a firm stand. Height-adjustable metal spikes ensure perfect isolation from the floor, clearing the way to unadulterated high-end listening pleasure. In the bass and midrange, two 200mm woofers and a 170mm midrange driver impress with the proven HECO kraft paper membrane, which is known for its audiophile sound properties combined with high level stability. The newly developed Fluktus tweeter with a computer-optimized multi-wave front panel and 30mm PFC dome plays its entire frequency spectrum without exaggerating and with very natural timbres.

      Principle CELAN REVOLUTION 9

      3-way floorstanding loudspeaker, bass reflex


      Removable front cover with acoustic fabric and invisible magnetic fastening

      Sturdy constructed and multi-braced MDF housing with rounded sides and elegantly angled top

      Stable and solid aluminum trusses with height-adjustable metal cone spikes

      Interchangeable spike tips made of metal or rubber for optimal adaptation to the floor covering


      170mm midrange driver

      2 x 200mm woofers

      30 mm tweeter dome


      Dimensions (WxHxD)

      374 x 1272 x 440 mm including stand and terminal


      Woofer specifically optimized for bass reproduction with HECO kraft paper membrane, large dust protection dome, long-throw surround and heavy-duty 32 mm voice coil


      Midrange driver specially optimized for neutral reproduction with HECO kraft paper membrane, newly developed POC dust protection dome (Phase Optimization Cap), coated fabric surround and 25 mm voice coil


      2nd generation high-energy tweeter with 30 mm polyfiber compound dome (PFC dome), powerful ferrite double magnet system and new aluminum front panel with fluctus geometry


      Elaborate crossover with high-quality, closely toleranced components

      Treble level adjustment ‘linear’ / ‘+2dB’

      High-quality connection terminal with stable, gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals

      Bi-wiring/bi-amping option

      The HECO Celan series has now thrilled music lovers and home cinema fans all over the world for three generations. However, our design and development team did not want to rest on its laurels, but wanted to create a unique and independent speaker family in the fourth generation that is a worthy successor to the legendary Celan GT series – the Heco Celan Revolution 9.

      A big name obliges

      The newly developed top-of-the-range speaker series from HECO goes by the name Celan, just like its predecessors. However, the suffix “Revolution” makes it clear that the latest generation is a fundamental further development of the previous models. The goal was to completely reinvent the Celan! Ultimately, this ambitious goal is reflected in the entire acoustic performance and the new design concept. The striking housing with its elegantly angled top and the dominant base beams of the two floorstanding loudspeakers gives this new flagship series real individuality and the claim to a new milestone in the HECO loudspeaker history.

      Speaker design outside the mainstream

      The most important elements on the way to the new Celan Revolution design are the angled top with an embedded metal logo and the rounded side panels with a casing shape that tapers towards the back. Another defining design element of the floorstanding speakers are the stable aluminum base trusses, which are not just a visual eye-catcher. Their massive spikes are height-adjustable, interchangeable tips ensure acoustically ideal coupling on all floors. The wide base also ensures a particularly secure stand. Elegant surfaces made of selected real wood veneer or high-quality paint finishes as well as an invisible fastening of the front cover using integrated magnets round off the new Celan Revolution design.

      Newly developed chassis for the highest audiophile performance

      All loudspeaker chassis have been newly developed specifically for the Celan Revolution series and optimized for the acoustic concept – including using the industry-recognized Klippel measuring system. The most important new development within the chassis family is the 30 mm high-energy tweeter with the new HECO Fluktus front panel geometry. The special 2nd generation tweeter dome delivers particularly balanced and harmonious radiation characteristics at all angles thanks to the computer-optimized multi-wave front panel. In addition, thanks to cooling with acoustic ferrofluid and a powerful ferrite double magnet system, the tweeter is highly resilient and level-stable – it reproduces music from a frequency of around 2,800 Hz. Below the tweeter in the 3-way models there is a pure sound that is optimized for broadband reproduction Midrange chassis with a particularly lightweight HECO kraft paper cone that has been tried and tested for decades. Newly developed phase-optimizing dust protection caps are also used in all models. The bass and upper bass in the floorstanding loudspeakers are handled by Klippel-optimized bass drivers with heavy-duty voice coils in a drive system that is both long-throw and linear. The bass-midrange speakers in the series also underwent the same optimization. In addition, high wall thicknesses and numerous struts inside the solid MDF housing in all models ensure the best working conditions for the drivers. The result is a harmonious interaction with very high dynamics and minimal distortion for all conceivable music styles.



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