eartec Scrambler PLUS wireless Powerful Simplex Wireless Systems for Production Crews on the Move

COMBOX. is a unique intercom main station combined with a high performance powered loudspeaker. It allows very loud and intelligible voice reproduction as well as program material combined with all intercom station functions.


The Eartec Scrambler 6-User SC-1000 2-way UHF radio system is a compact, professional push-to-talk (PTT) radio designed for office, factory or on-location communications. This system provides crystal clear communications for production teams on the move. All SC-1000 PLUS transceivers operate in “Push to Talk” “Simplex” mode. When one person in a group transmits the message is received by everyone. An unlimited number of radios can operate together. The Scrambler enhances productivity, and will help transform any organization into a “Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine”!

The Ultra Single shell mount PTT headset is the most comfortable “full ear-cup” headset on the market. They feature a unique heptagonal design that covers the ear naturally and completely and features a push-to-talk button directly on the headset. Deluxe ear cushions are not only wide and soft but slightly thicker to the bottom and rear. Together these “ergo-formed” shapes are the reason why Ultra headsets simply fit better.

Expandable: Add stations to existing Scrambler intercom without system modification.

Excellent Voice Tone: Fine-tuned receive-circuit provides optimum voice reception.

Full Line of Eartec Headsets: Select from Lightweight, Midweight, or Heavy duty headsets.

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Provide continuous 10 hr operation.


    • Tour Guides
    • Restaurants
    • Hospitals
    • Coaches
    • Referees
    • Boating
    • Construction
    • Churches
    • Theater Production
    • Videography
    • Schools and Daycares

Scrambler PLUS wireless provide crystal clear voice communication across a multitude of industries.
All Scrambler Plus intercoms operate in simplex mode, which means that when one person in a group transmits the message is received by everyone.

An unlimited number of transceivers can operate on the same frequency, and a simple rotary dial allows users to switch channels instantly.

Scrambler PLUS two-way radios feature 500 Mw of punch out transmitting power that can penetrate concrete or steel with a range of up to 1 mile. Operating in the non-licensed FRS band with 14 frequencies installed.

Scrambler Plus systems can be used immediately, right out of the box. This makes the Scrambler Plus Series an affordable sound solution to businesses, schools, and churches as well as any on location venue where users need to communicate between buildings or through walls.

With the Scrambler Plus you never have to worry about interference or someone outside your group listening to your conversations. In order for an RF signal to be received it must be accompanied by one of 38 privacy tones programmed into all the radios in your system. In addition, outgoing transmissions are encrypted eliminating the possibility of eavesdropping. This means that both outgoing and incoming wireless signals are guaranteed to be totally private.

EARTEC offers a full line of headset styles all the way from discreet lightweight to heavy duty industrial models. This allow you to pick the best headset and customize the Scrambler Plus to meet your needs.

Operation of The Scrambler is as easy as turning the radios on, setting the channel, and connecting the headsets. To transmit press the button installed inline on the headset wire and the message will be received by all radios that are tuned to the same frequency.

There are only two simple dials that govern the function of the entire system, an On-OFF Volume control and a channel knob. A technique known as “voice annunciation” actually calls out the channel number thru the headset speakers so users know which frequency is being monitored without having to look at the radio.

Scrambler Plus include powerful Lithium Polymer batteries. These high capacity rechargeables will not develop a memory so they do not have to be drained after use. To charge the batteries place the radios into the desktop charging base (included). A Red LED indicates the battery is charging, Green LED shows that the battery is ready to go. Battery life on a full charge is approximately 8 hours.

All complete Scrambler UHF systems also include a foam filled hard plastic case for safe storage and transport.

Design a customized Scrambler wireless simply by selecting the number of radios that you need along with any combination of EARTEC headsets.



  • Professional UHF Transceiver
  • 14 UHF Channels Installed
  • Range Up to 1 Mile
  • 38 Privacy Codes Block Interference
  • Weighs only 7 oz.
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery
  • Battery Life 8 Hours



FCC Part 15 Unlicensed

Operating Mode



2.4 “w x 1.5” d x 4” h


7 oz. (w/battery)

Frequency Range

462.5625-467.7125 MHz


14 UHF


Modulation                                     FM (F3E)


38 Group Tones CTCSS


Voice Inversion Scrambling

Frequency Stability

+- 5ppm

Maximum Transmit Power


Channel Tuning Step


Channel Bandwidth


Modulation Type


Transmission Speed


RF Accessing



500 M to 1 Mile


Rechargeable Li-Poly (7.2 v) Operation Time – 8h

Battery Power Supply

3.8V 800mAh

Charger Power Supply

4.2V 500mAh,  Charge Time – 3h

Operation Time


Normal Condition of Use




De producten van Eartec zijn perfect wanneer je snel moet kunnen schakelen. Gebruik de communicatiesystemen om tijdens de uitvoering van je werkzaamheden draadloos in contact te blijven met je crew.


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