FBT STYLE innovative design sound speakers


De style series zijn leverbaar in zowel  50watt-16ohm als  40/20/10/5W RMS-100volt versies.


The new series of STYLE sound speakers combines high quality sound play with innovative design, creating a new concept and a catching look that are able to satisfy several architectural needs.

The sound speaker shall no more be hidden, with the risk of affecting the sound quality. Instead, it will be integrated in the environment, combining form and function, acoustics and integration in the environment.

The nature itself has inspired this loudspeaker: in the nature the sound spreads to all directions, and, hence, we have developed a speaker that could reproduce a natural sound feeling. The sound diffusion in the nature is 360°, whereas in standard speakers its propagation is conic-shaped and, hence, has a narrow angle.

Thanks to the conic-shape of the diaphragm, STYLE sound speakers provide a 360° sound diffusion, reaching even the highest frequencies. The sound diffusion spreads to all directions, keeping the sound natural and accurate, even when the volume is very high.

Thanks to this new technology you will immediately forget the geometric diffusion you are used to and you will be able to recreate a holographic and three-dimensional sound effect in any environment.
Moreover, thanks to the material Style speakers are made of and to the aluminium loudspeaker, they are suitable for outdoor mounting and resist to various weather conditions.

  • 360° even sound diffusion
  • Even sound diffusion over a wide frequency range (105Hz-20kHz) to all directions
  • The listening position is not bound by the orientation towards the axis
  • Perfect both for high-fidelity systems and for sound diffusion in environments such as train stations, airports, restaurants, shopping centres etc.
  • Full end even sound energy pressure everywhere in the environment
  • High sound efficiency
  • Excellent results with reference to the Larsen effect thanks to the sound energy that is reduced to one fourth towards the microphone
  • Low intermodulation
  • Low second harmonic distortion
  • Classic modern design, perfect for any environment




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