Monacor AIRMT-85 // High-end Air Motion Transformer tweeter, 20 W, 4 Ω



Air Motion Transformers
are a special type of tweeter systems which have been developed by the German physicist Oskar Heil during his research on the characteristics of the human ear. The main feature is a film-covered cone with a special folding which vibrates like an accordion when an audio signal is applied. This folding allows to accommodate a large cone area at a minimum of space. The AMTs feature a dynamic sound, an excellent transient response, a high efficiency and a low harmonic distortion.
There are 2 STL files available for the AIRMT-130 for 3D printed waveguides.
High-end Air Motion Transformer tweeter, 20 W, 4 Ω
  • Tweeter based on the principle of Air Motion Transformer
  • High-performance neodymium magnet system
  • Fine, dynamic and brilliant reproduction of the high frequencies
  • Folded cone made of Kapton and aluminium
  • High efficiency
  • For use from 2,500 Hz on
  • Robust aluminium front panel
Klang+Ton 08,09/2016
“Compact AMT with quite a low crossover frequency possible for two-way speaker systems and multi-way speaker systems of highest quality.”


Impedance (Z) 4 Ω
Frequency range 2,000-30,000 Hz
Rec. crossov. frequ. (fmax.) (12 dB/oct.) > 2,500 Hz
Power rating (RMS) 20 W
Peak music power output (MAX) 40 W
SPL 92 dB/W/m
DC resistance (Re) 3.8 Ω
Magnet diameter neodymium rods
Mounting cutout Ø 66 mm
Mounting depth 36 mm
Mounting hole diameter Ø 75 mm
Dimensions Ø 85 mm x 36 mm
Outside diameter Ø 85 mm
Width Ø 85 mm
Depth 36 mm
Colour black
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Weight 0.3 kg
Packing unit 1
Packing dimensions (W x H x L) 0.14 x 0.055 x 0.105 m
Gross weight 0.35 kg
Net weight 0.3 kg

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Monacor-IMG is de laatste jaren in kwaliteit erg verbeterd en kan meekomen met de bekende merken , maar is prijstechnisch wel gunstig gebleven. Wij hebben zeer weinig uitval of rep. op dit merk gehad, en dat ook bij installatie's die al jaren continu draaien. G&L Techniek doet echter wel een bewuste kwaliteits keuze uit het hun leverings programma.


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