Monacor ASPERA/MK3 zelfbouw set >> 2 stuks <<



A speaker system which rocks,
not just for rock
Wanted: a speaker which is available at an attractive price, easy to build, with a level stability sufficient for a small party, suitable for any music material, able to provide a powerful bass reproduction even without a subwoofer, features a compact size to fit into any room, easy to set up and, if possible, is also of an appealing design.
Found it: the ASPERA.
This concept is undoubtedly one of the most frequently built speaker building concepts from MONACOR INTERNATIONAL’s portfolio. It is exactly the right speaker for anyone who simply wants to listen to music, preferably from dusk ’til dawn, and at every opportunity, and not just concentrated on the sweet spot of a stereo triangle. There may be occasions when a hi-fi speaker of a higher class can score extra points with a better tonal balance, higher dynamic power and a more realistic sound image of an orchestra.
However, this extra effort is only worth it for the hi-fi enthusiast. Anyone else can find their favourite speaker by choosing the ASPERA/MK3 with its further optimised crossover network circuit. Do not choose a cheap one, choose the right one!
Parts list included in the delivery:
  • Bass-midrange speaker: 2 x SPH-130
  • Tweeter: 1 x DT-100
Crossover network:
  • L1: 1 x LSIP-150
  • L2: 1 x LSIP-39/2
  • C1: 1 x LSC-150NP
  • C2: 1 x MKTA-47
  • C3: 1 x MKTA-68
  • C4: 1 x MKTA-27
  • R1: 1 x LSR-56/10
  • R2: 1 x LSR-47/10
  • R3: 1 x LSR-68/10
  • Terminal: 1 x ST-955G
  • Damping material: 2 x MDM-2
  • Screws: 2 x MZF-8614 (sales unit = 16)
  • Bass-reflex tube: 1 x MBR-70 (total length: 180 mm)
Parts list DIY store (not included in the delivery):
  • Speaker cable: 3 m, 2 cores
Wood cutting:
  • MDF, 19 mm
  • Side walls: 2 pcs. 980 x 250 mm
  • Front wall/rear wall: 2 pcs. 942 x 132 mm
  • Bottom/Top: 2 pcs. 250 x 132 mm
  • Reinforcing rail: 1 pc. 212 x 50 mm
  • Reinforcing rail: 1 pc. 132 x 50 mm

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G&L Techiek is een volwaardig dealer van IMG Monacor & JTS.
Monacor-IMG is de laatste jaren in kwaliteit erg verbeterd en kan meekomen met de bekende merken , maar is prijstechnisch wel gunstig gebleven. Wij hebben zeer weinig uitval of rep. op dit merk gehad, en dat ook bij installatie's die al jaren continu draaien. G&L Techniek doet echter wel een bewuste kwaliteits keuze uit het hun leverings programma.


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