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The Monacor DIVA-SIMONE Tower Speaker Components Pack offers an opportunity for audio enthusiasts to build high-performance floorstanding speakers. This DIY kit features a three-way design, incorporating separate drivers for bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. The star of the show is the Monacor RBT-10 ribbon tweeter, known for its ability to deliver airy and detailed high frequencies. It’s complemented by a midrange driver (MSH-115HQ) and dual woofers (SPH-145HQ) from Monacor’s HQ series, renowned for their accurate sound reproduction.


Highlights of the Monacor DIVA-SIMONE

  • Three-way design with high-quality Monacor components: The Monacor DIVA-SIMONE Tower Speaker Components Pack features a three-way design for exceptional sound quality. It utilizes separate woofers (SPH-145HQ), a midrange driver (MSH-115HQ), and a ribbon tweeter (RBT-10) from Monacor’s HQ series, known for accurate and dynamic sound reproduction.
  • Crystal-clear highs with the Monacor RBT-10 ribbon tweeter: This speaker kit shines with the inclusion of the Monacor RBT-10 ribbon tweeter. Ribbon tweeters are known for their ability to deliver detailed and airy high frequencies, ensuring a crisp and clear listening experience.
  • Stylish design for seamless integration: The Monacor DIVA-SIMONE Tower Speaker Components Pack boasts a slim and stylish design that complements any living space. It seamlessly integrates into your home theater setup, adding a touch of elegance alongside exceptional audio quality.


A 3-way hi-fi speaker remains a challenge for the developer. Jens Heerklotz, who is known in various DIY speaker platforms by the nickname Sonicfurby or Sonicfury, has taken on this task and the result is well worth looking at and listening to. Apart from excellent sound characteristics of the speaker system, great attention has been paid to its design and suitability for the living room. This resulted in a slimline floorstanding speaker system which features speakers of the HQ series from a German manufacturer and a genuine ribbon tweeter. With its sound characteristics, the MSH-115HQ is a true midrange specialist which is the perfect partner for ribbon tweeter RBT-10. The slimline speaker system also features two speakers SPH-145HQ which provide a terrific fundamental bass.

The DIVA SIMONE implements dynamic music surprisingly effortless. A rich and powerful bass, a clear, structured and transparent midrange and a very fine tweeter make listening to music a real pleasure, even above moderate volume levels. However, the DIVA SIMONE is not a party speaker for high volume levels.

Parts list included in the delivery:
  • Bass speaker: 2 x SPH-145HQ
  • Midrange speaker: 1 x MSH-115HQ
  • Tweeter: 1 x RBT-10
Crossover network:
  • L1: 1 x LSIP-390
  • L2: 1 x LSIF-560
  • L3: 1 x LSIP-56/1
  • L4: 1 x LSIP-18/1
  • L5: 1 x LSIF-470/1
  • L6: 1 x LSIP-18/1
  • C1: 1 x 560µF electrolytic capacitor
    or 2 x LSC-2200NP, 1 x LSC-1000NP, 1 x LSC-220NP in parallel
  • C2: 1 x MKTA-470
  • C3: 1 x MKTA-100
  • C4: 1 x MKTA-150
  • C5: 1 x 360µF electrolytic capacitor
    or 1 x LSC-2200NP, 1 x LSC-1500NP, 1 x LSC-220NP in parallel
  • C6: 1 x 5.6µF film or MKTA-100 + MKTA-120 in parallel
  • C7: 1 x MKTA-150
  • R1: 1 x LSR-33/20
  • R2: 1 x LSR-56/10
  • R3: 1 x LSR-82/10
  • R4: 1 x LSR-27/10
  • R5: 1 x LSR-47/10
  • R6 optionally: 1.5-2.7 ohms
  • Terminal: 1 x ST-960GM
  • Bass-reflex tube: 1 x MBR-70, length: 150-200 mm
  • Damping material: 2 bags MDM-4, 1 x MDM-40
  • Screws: 2 bags MZF-8614
  • Cable: 3 m SPC-125
  • Sealing tape: 1 x MDM-5
Parts list DIY store (not included in the delivery):
Wood cutting:
  • MDF 19 mm
  • Side walls: 2 pcs. 311 x 970 mm
  • Front wall: 1 pc. 200 x 970 mm
  • Rear wall: 1 pc. 162 x 932 mm
  • Bottom/top: 2 pcs. 162 x 311 mm
  • Partition: 1 pc. 292 x 162 mm
  • Partition: 1 pc. 228 x 162 mm
  • Partition: 1 pc. 142 x 162 mm
  • Reinforcing rail: 1 pc. 60 x 292 mm
  • Reinforcing rail: 1 pc. 60 x 162 mm

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