Met gepaste trots kunnen we vanaf heden alle componenten leveren van HIGH-END merk: ACCUTON.


Met gepaste trots kunnen we vanaf heden alle componenten leveren van HIGH-END merk: ACCUTON.

Wij geven geen prijs weergave op internet, informeer naar het actueel prijsnivo en alles gaat op pre-order in bestelling.

Hou derhalve rekening met levertijden van c.a. een week tot twee weken indien voorradig bij importeur.


In 1984 the Backes & Müller production-engineer Bernhard Thiel invented a process to produce very thin sheets of extremely hard corundum (Al2O3), also known as saphire. This patented procedure allowed the manufacturing of very stiff, light weighted and highly damped loudspeaker calottes. This new and very hard material facilitates loudspeaker drivers with broader bandwith, lower distortion and a purer sound than ever before possible.

At first, these ceramic drivers were produced exclusively for new Backes & Müller products, but a few years later Bernhard Thiel stepped out of B&M and founded his own company, the original Thiel GmbH in Homburg, Germany. His loudspeaker units – only tweeters and midranges at this time – were distributed quickly in the audiophile world and gained a very high reputation for their sonic virtues. Very soon, these drivers were used in many of the – top of the line – high end loudspeaker boxes of today’s world.

Backes & Müller, still being the main customer for Bernhard Thiel, went out of business in the year 1992. This – of course – presented some major problems for the young Thiel GmbH. So Bernhard Thiel started looking for a partner to take care of the economical side of business. This partner was found in Adrian Bankewitz, at this time european distributor of Accuton products and long time friend of Bernhard Thiel. He bought the assets of the old Thiel GmbH and put together the production and distribution channels and the new Thiel & Partner GmbH of today was born. Since those early days, accuton has experienced a continuous growth and expansion.



THIEL & PARTNER Thiel & Partner have been producing and distributing high quality drivers made of stiff membrane materials such as Al²O³ ceramics, CVD-diamond and aluminium sandwich, under the accuton® brand since 1994. We aim to provide of the  best dynamic speaker drivers on the market. We also provide our customers with extensive support and collaboration in areas like case construction, design of the crossover and implementation of electronic components.


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