18 -sound 12NCX750H High Output Coaxial Transducer



The 12NCX750H is a 12″ neodymium coaxial transducer designed for use in compact reflex enclosures and stage monitors as small as 40lt with a nominal dispersion of 70×50 degrees.

The curvilinear profile LF cone provides smooth response within its intended frequency range thanks to its high damping pulp composition. The 75mm (3in) LF copper voice coil employs Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology, in which a high strength former carries windings on both the outer and inner surfaces. This results in a balanced coil with a uniform distribution of mass and motive energy and an extremely linear motor assembly. The low distortion and sound quality are further improved by an aluminum demodulating ring (SDR technology) that flattens LF impedance and phase with constant power transfer.

Equipped with a proprietary hybrid radial tangerine phase plug, the integrated HF compression driver has been designed to give a smooth, coherent wavefront at the horn entrance in all working frequency ranges with an high level of manufacturing consistency. The phase plug, with its short openings and high flare rate value, assures low distortion and remarkable improvements in mid-high frequency reproduction. A copper sleeve reduces the inductance value above 10kHz, improving phase and impedance linearization.

The 2.4″ diameter HF diaphragm assembly uses a high strength, high temperature treated Nomex voice coil former joined directly to the titanium diaphragm on its upper bend edge, assuring extended frequency energy transfer. This improves linearity and shows unparalleled reliability when compared with a straight former joint. A specific HF exit profile design has been chosen in order to maximize the cone’s profile coupling.

The high force neodymium single magnet structure makes the 12NCX750H a lightweight speaker for its performance class – only 4.7 kg (10.36 lb).

The XO12NCX dedicated passive crossover filter is provided, making this neo coaxial speaker a ready-to-use transducer system.

Due to the widespread use of high power audio systems at outdoor events, the ability to perform in adverse weather conditions is an additional key feature of the 12NCX750H. This has been achieved using exclusive cone and magnet plate treatment processes which increase resistance against corrosion and make the cone water repellent.

58 Hz
63 L
531 cm²
± 5.5 mm
Resonant frequency fS 58 Hz
Electrical Q QES 0.31
Mechanical Q QMS 6.42
Total Q factor QTS 0.29
Suspension equivalent air volume VAS 63 litres
DC resistance RE 5.4 Ω
Minimum impedance Zmin 6.4 Ω
Voice coil inductance LE 0.62 mH
Force factor B·l 17.5 T·m
Suspension mechanical resistance RMS 2.7 N·s/m
Suspension mechanical compliance CMS 158 µm/N
Moving mass MMD 38.4 g
Moving mass (including airload) MMS 47 g
Surface of the diaphragm SD 531 cm²
Effective diaphragm diameter Ø 26 cm
Maximum linear excursion Xmax ± 5.5 mm
Excursion limit Xlim ± 13.5 mm
Displacement volume at Xmax VD 292.1 cm³
Efficiency η₀ 3.8 %
Efficiency bandwidth product EBP 187






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Gewicht 15.00 kg


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