Allen & Heath dLive Wings — Compact Touring Takes Off!


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Waarom de D-live setups wereldwijd zo’n succes zijn is iets wat we u graag zelf willen laten ervaren met een bezoek aan de importeur.

We citeren dan ook:
“The dLive is an easy-to-use system. After a short briefing we were able to work independently and quickly assign our own layout. The first thing we noticed was the natural sound of the system. The high resolution processing has a staggering depth to it, which is clearly evident in the front of house as well as in the monitor mix.”

Afgestemd op wensen van gebruikers, de jarenlange ervaring en
technische voorsprong is DLive een zeer vernieuwende lijn digitale
mengtafels voor LIVE – toepassingen.

Allen & Heath slaat toe met het nieuwe dLive platform ! Krachtig, snel, compromisloos gebouwd en uitgerust met de modernste features en prestaties :


For fly-dates, bus tours and support slots – wherever the scale of the audio requirements conflicts with space and weight constraints, dLive lets you take the system you trust wherever you may roam, so you’ll never need to gamble on house consoles again. Whether flying with a more traditional C1500 flight-weight fader-based ‘Aviator’ rig, the faderless touchscreen ‘Navigator’, or a mixture of faders and glass with ‘The Frequent Flyer’ — dLive Wings has you covered.


Example Systems


The Aviator

The C1500 is everything you love about the dLive Surface in a slimmed-down format – pair it up with a modern, lightweight flightcase and the C1500 can squeak under the airline-friendly 23kg cabin baggage limit. The DM32 is the smallest dLive S Class MixRack, with 32 XLR inputs and a trio of audio networking slots for Dante, Waves and more.

The Navigator

Take a dLive MixRack, an off-the-shelf mini-PC running dLive Director, plus a couple of touchscreens and you’re cleared for takeoff. This slick system folds down for easy transport and storage, and adding in an IP-8 remote controller retains that tactile control for the key mixes.

The Frequent Flyer

The ultimate travel light / mix hard solution, dLive MixPad lets you run the show straight from your iPad. Add an IP-8 for the reassuring feel of faders on the key mixes.



dLive Wings


Allen & Heath

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