dB-TECH Aurora Net updates available for download



Aurora Net: updates available for download


Aurora NET version is available for download at dBTechnologies.com.


Aurora Net allows a complete real time control of dBTechnologies networkable systems.

Starting from today Open Beta Version  is available at dBTechnologies website for registered users only.


The updated version features:

  • Eq filter panels and indicator refactory
  • Bigger group’s equalizer view
  • Warning messages with routing information
  • Edit Gain fields automatically insert negative value
  • Filter fields are editable even if the filter is disabled
  • AC26N meters with scale in intermediate view
  • AC26 refactory: Delay in milliseconds moved before delay meters, mater mute moved in the upper right corner of the extended view
  • Added TEST button in the Inspector ToolBar
  • Detailed warning messages
  • Warning page layout refactory
  • Minor bug fixing


Check details and download updates at AURORA NET product page 




Aurora / DVA / VIO array system

Mail ons voor systeem offerte, system shootout op uw locatie, of demo
Laat je deskundig voorlichten, dit zijn geen systemen die je bij een tijdelijke stunt aanbieder op marktplaats aanschaft , eentje die jaartje later niet meer bestaat….
Als ze al mogen leveren… !

De erkende dealers draaien en werken al jaren met DB tech array techniek en zij alleen kunnen alle support geven die nodig is , nu en komende jaren.

AURORA NET allows you to create and control an RDNET network in installation or live use.
If you use one RDNET CONTROL 2 controller (USB connection) you can control up to 2 subnets of up to 32 items (speakers, line-array elements, subwoofers) each.
If you use one RDNET CONTROL 8 controller (USB connection), you can control up to 8 subnets of up to 32 items  (speakers, line-array elements, subwoofers) each.
In this case, after a first USB configuration, you can also configure a more complex ETHERNET network.
Aurora Net allows a complete real time monitoring and control of dBTechnologies’ RDNETable sound reinforcement systems at a glance.

Cross-platform developed (Win, Mac OSX) by dBTechnolgies Software Department in order to guarantee maximum reliability, Aurora Net is more than an evolution of previous dBTechnologies Network.

Working via Ethernet cable (or alternatively via XLR) the software allows both an advanced, completely customizable DSP control and DIGITAL Audio management (via Dante™ protocol) on the same cable.

The intuitive layout has been designed for maximum usability and allows a touch-oriented management on portable devices, and, last but not least, allows a smooth and intuitive workflow.

The workspace is designed to show all the main functions at a glance, and allows users to operate through a single-click workflow.

Users can check the complete PA system in use at a glance or manage each single element thanks to a fast and detailed zoom-in/zoom out incremental display feature.

Minimum system requirements:

MAC OS X version 10.10 (YOSEMITE) or higher (64 bit only) Intel dual core CPU or higher 4 GB RAM

WINDOWS 7 (64 bit only) SP1 or higher Intel or AMD dual core CPU or higher 4 GB RAM



Het prof. merk waar we zelf in onze dagelijkse verhuur veel van gebruiken. o.a: DVA line-array's, actieve subs, de actieve speakers en versterkers. We doen vrijwel al ons verhuur werk uitvoeren met DB-TECH ;-)


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