Eartec COMSTAR XT-8 Eight Person Wireless Intercom System


Comstar systemen zijn aanpasbaar van 2 stations tot  8 stations.

dit is de versie met PRO headsets.

The Eartec COMSTAR XT-8 Eight Person Wireless Intercom System is designed specifically for teams that need to communicate and still be able to work with their hands. These revolutionary intercom systems are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. This system allows the users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within a 800 yard range. At the heart of each COMSTAR System is a signal relay called the Com-Center. This centralized base transceiver is both AC powered or battery powered for on-location use and is totally portable. Each Com-Center can accommodate up to 8 users in Full Duplex.

Comstar self contained full duplex headsets feature miniaturized wireless circuitry and antenna built right inside the ear cup. This streamlined All-in-One design eliminates the need for cables and belt packs that are required with traditional headset intercom systems. Lightweight and rugged, Comstar provides ease of operation and outstanding full duplex voice communications. For optimum range, position the ComCenter so that the radio signals have a clear path to the wireless Headsets.

These systems are expandable to 16 users with Com-Center interlink. Dual Channel with conferencing – Two groups of four users communicate separately or all together in conference mode. Digital full duplex voice, detectable frequency band is reserved by FCC for voice communications only. Simple/Instant Setup – self tuning, no antenna required. FCC licensure is not required for use of COMSTAR equipment.

Dual Channel XT Series Com-Center:

  • Includes multi-port charger and batteries
  • Add up to 8 wireless components
  • Attach AC power cord to Com-Center, then plug into the nearest wall outlet
  • Red & Green LED lights indicate two separate channels are in use
  • Amber LED light indicates conference feature is in use
  • Comes with padded carrying case

Com-Center Battery, AC Wall Plug:

  • Charges all system batteries
  • One convenient location



Eartec is een belangrijke speler op de markt voor draadloos en bekabelde intercomsystemen en biedt hoogwaardige, gebruiksvriendelijke full-duplex headsets aan. Dit type apparatuur is erg populair op het gebied van theater, festivals,  televisie, productie, evenementen, medisch, logistiek, industrieel, enz.


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