WB-200 Series Wireless Intercom offers two different models of base station:
WBS-200HD base station allows communication with up to 4 wireless beltpacks in one single intercom channel, while WBS-202HD station is capable to communicate with a maximum of 8 wireless beltpacks, distributed in one or two intercom channels depending on the user´s needs.
Apart from the wireless beltpacks, both models can also power cable-based intercom devices (beltpacks, desk stations, etc.)

Finally, ALTAIRAltair High-end , robuust en betrouwbaar merk voor intercoms intercom systems are compatible with most major intercom manufacturers in the market, which make our products a great choice for those professionals willing to renew or upgrade their previous systems.


Principal Serie WB 1280x614

Since its launch in late 2006, the ALTAIR wireless intercom system has made its way into the professional A/V industry and nowadays enjoys great popularity thanks to its reliability, ease of use and affordable price.

Depending on the selected base station model the user will be able to work with a maximum of 4 or 8 wireless beltpacks, keeping the possibility of adding more beltpacks by linking several stations. At the same time, ALTAIR wireless stations are compatible with cable devices (beltpacks and remote stations), offering the user the possibility of creating mixed wired & wireless intercom networks.

Also, Depending of the situation, ALTAIR base stations can also be powered remotely from another base station, simplifying notably the installation process, specially for portable aplications.

  • The new ALTAIR WBS-200HD base station allows the use of a maximum of 4 single channel wireless beltpacks, plus up to 20 wired intercom beltpacks and/or stations.This lets the user set up mixed wireless/wired solutions to fit the requirements of any different installation.The new series of wireless intercom stations offers the same features and special functions that our clients love and that turned the WB-200 Series into a huge success, while notably improving the audio quality in the intercom line.

    This new base station replaces its predecessor (WBS-200), keeping the compatibility with it and with any ALTAIR wireless beltpack.

    – Dual pre-amble diversity antenna system detects and selects the higher radio signal, ensuring the best possible range and minimizing dropouts. When used along with any ALTAIR “HD” wireless beltpack the station will deliver an improved wideband audio quality.

    – When more beltpacks are needed the unit can be used in “slave” mode by wiring base stations acrross the working area, expanding the number of wireless users in a cellular arrangement.

    – Digital encryption process ensures the privacy of the communication line.

    – The base unit can be powered externally from another intercom base station or from a 12 volts battery.

    – Two detachable omni antennas are provided with the unit. External high gain directive antennas can be mounted when needed to increase the coverage area.


    • Frequency:1900 Mhz band
    • Modulation:GFSK/TDMA.
    • Transmit Power:22 dBm typically.
    • Receive Sensitivity:-92 dBm typically.
    • Number of beltpacks per base:1 to 4 units maximum in party, line full duplex conversation.


    • Party line Channels:2 Channels: A and B selectable.
    • “Wideband” audio quality:100Hz – 7kHZ when used along with ALTAIR “HD” beltpacks.
    • Program Input:Line or Mic level selection.
    • Audio Out:Party line or Mic only selectable.
    • Stage Announce Out:Allows PA announces from mic base and from Manager beltpacks.
    • Headset type:Selectable, dynamic or electret.
    • Headset connectors:4 pin XLR male & 4 pin mini XLR.


    • Power requirements:90 to 250 VAC / 50-60 Hz/ 10 Watts.
    • Dimensions/weight:482X150 mm, 1U HE / 3 Kg.



Het kwaliteits alternatief voor ASL, waar prima een intercom systeem mee is te bouwen voor een nette prijsstelling. Ruim aanbod in zowel draad als draadloze systemen, altijd uitbreidbaar en hufterproof gebouwd. Geschikt voor het ruige on the road werk.


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