Altair EM-203 tubecom


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NEW COMPACT WIRED COMMUNICATION UNIT “EM-203”. Regular use (connected to headset) or hands-free.

ALTAIRAltair High-end , robuust en betrouwbaar merk voor intercoms´s “TUBECOM” has been designed in response to the demand of versatile hands-free devices for the A/V industry. Thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker, this small single channel unit can be used both as a regular wired intercom beltpack or as a hands-free device.

In moderate noise environments, the unit`s speaker allows one or more users to listen to the partyline without wearing headsets.

If necessary, the built-in MIC can be used to communicate with the intercom channel and when the ambient gets louder the user can plug a headset and use the “TUBECOM” as a regular beltpack.

Connections: Headset: 4P XLR (male); Intercom line: 3P XLR (male)

Dimensions // weight: 135 x 31 x 26 mm // 205 gr NET


+ Aluminum low weight enclosure. Belt clip;

+ Built-in speaker and microphone;

+ “ON/OFF” microphone switch (“Push o Talk” and latch modes);

+ Compatible with “MIC KILL” and “BUZZ KILL” remote functions (actuated from an ALTAIR base station);

+ Illuminated “CALL” button;

+ Microphone limiter for ear protection and fatigue-free communication.

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Het kwaliteits alternatief voor ASL, waar prima een intercom systeem mee is te bouwen voor een nette prijsstelling. Ruim aanbod in zowel draad als draadloze systemen, altijd uitbreidbaar en hufterproof gebouwd. Geschikt voor het ruige on the road werk.


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