MIRA, the portable slimline active PA system


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MG STAGELINE’s new active full range speaker system with a power rating of 1,100 W is now available. The MIRA-1/1, which is particularly powerful in the mid-range, is the ideal companion for anyone who wants the audience to hear their voice and acoustic instruments in an impressively natural way. The top unit of the MIRA-1/1 features six 3″ midrange speakers and two 1″ tweeters, supplied with 150 WRMS from the class D amplifier in the subwoofer module. A 12″ speaker supplied with 400 WRMS completes the sound in the bass range.

While the bass reflex cabinet, with dimensions of 34 x 52 x 45 cm and protected by high-quality textured coating, forms a solid base, the top unit, with a width of just 11 cm, is hardly more conspicuous than the supplied intermediate piece. It features a radiation pattern of 120° horizontally, 30° vertically and a maximum sound pressure level of 122 dB. Thus, a single MIRA-1/1 will deliver unobtrusively on the smallest stages in bars and foyers or as a pair in halls, houses of worship and on small open-air stages.

It is certainly interesting that the MIRA is equipped with a separate volume control for subwoofer and top unit and that the crossover frequency of the sub can be adjusted continuously from 200 Hz onwards. The MIRA-1/1 is equipped with an XLR line input and an RCA stereo input as well as a parallel line out and a Speakon connection for the top.



G&L Techiek is volwaardig dealer van IMG-Monacor. Monacor-IMG is de laatste jaren in kwaliteit erg verbeterd en kan meekomen met de bekende merken , maar is prijstechnisch gunstig gebleven. Wij hebben vrij weinig uitval of rep. op dit merk gehad, en dat ook bij installatie's die al jaren continu draaien. G&L Techniek doet wel een bewuste kwaliteits keuze uit het leverings programma.


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