Monacor DRM-882LAN Digital-8×8-Matrix-Router / Systemcontroller



Digital 8×8 matrix router
  • 8 inputs and 8 outputs (plug-in screw terminals, switchable mic/line, balanced)
  • +48 V phantom power
  • User-defined routing of the inputs to the outputs
  • The level of each routed input can be adjusted per assigned output (individual output mix)
  • Up to 32 devices can be managed via software
  • A/D converter: 4 x 24 bits, D/A converter: 1 x 24 bits
  • Extensive signal processing and monitoring, e.g. frequency shift feedback eliminator, parametric 5-band equalizer with peak and shelving filters, variable low-pass/high-pass filters – optionally with Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley characteristics, RMS compressor, peak limiter, selectable phase, delay
  • Integrated auto mixer
  • 6-fold LED status cluster for each channel
  • 6 user presets can be accessed directly
  • Link feature for simultaneously changing the settings of several channels
  • Stereo mode for the channels 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8
  • Dot matrix display with 2 x 24 characters
  • Remote control via USB, RS-485 or TCP/IP LAN
  • Real-time remote control via software
  • Lock mode for front panel control
  • Individual room control via optional wall-mounted remote control panel DRM-882WP or DRM-882WPX
  • Robust steel housing with aluminium front panel
  • 482 mm (19″) rack installation, 1 RS
Input (data for each channel):
  • Gain control with 0 dB bypass function
  • Noise gate
  • Mic/line switching
  • Selectable priority circuit
  • Parametric 3-band equalizer (peak, low-pass shelving, high-pass shelving)
  • Frequency shift feedback eliminator
  • Selectable phase (180°)
Output (data per channel):
  • Low-pass filter/high-pass filter with Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel characteristics (to -24 dB/oct.). Even higher slopes possible in combination with equalizer
  • Parametric 5-band equalizer with peak or low-pass/high-pass shelving filters
  • Peak limiter and RMS compressor with a ratio of up to 32:1 and continuously adjustable soft/hard knee characteristics. Threshold: 18 dBu to -12 dBu, release time: 0.1-3 s, attack time: 5-200 ms
  • Peak limiter and RMS compressor with bypass function
  • Switchable delay between time (ms) and distance (m): 380.998 ms max. in steps of 21 µsec or 129.539 m max. in steps of 6.8 mm
  • Selectable phase (180°)
  • Gain control

Technical Specifications


Smart Home Ready 1
Description matrix router
Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Input signal 6.2 V max.
Output signal 6.2 V max.
Crossover frequency 70 Hz-1 kHz, 12 dB/oct.,910 Hz-8 kHz, 12 dB/oct.,

subwoofer: 80/120 Hz, 24 dB/oct.

S/N ratio > 104 dB
THD < 0.005%
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Power supply ˜ 230 V/50 Hz/20 VA
Dimensions 482 x 44 x 250 mm, 1 RS
Weight 3.4 kg
Inputs 8 x plug-in screw terminal, bal.
Outputs line: 8 x plug-in screw terminal, bal.
Other features USB, RS-485, TCP/IP




Extra informatie

Gewicht 3.00 kg



G&L Techiek is volwaardig dealer van IMG Monacor & JTS Monacor-IMG is de laatste jaren in kwaliteit erg verbeterd en kan meekomen met de bekende merken , maar is prijstechnisch wel gunstig gebleven. Wij hebben zeer weinig uitval of rep. op dit merk gehad, en dat ook bij installatie's die al jaren continu draaien. G&L Techniek doet wel een bewuste kwaliteits keuze uit het hun leverings programma.


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