Adam Hall Defender Mini LUX 3kanaals




De rubberen kabelbescherming, met een felgekleurd geel deksel, zorgt ervoor dat u gebieden waar kabels over de vloer liggen, veilig kunt passeren.
Deze kabelbescherming beschermt kostbare kabels en slangen tegen beknelling.
Met een modulair in elkaar passend design is dit product ideaal voor zowel publieke toepassingen als commercieel gebruik.

The ultimate solution for protecting your cables and for preventing people from tripping. The innovative cable crossovers from the Defender LUX Series have highly transparent, yellow-tinted lids, where LED light tubes can be inserted parallel to cables and other pipes. Defender LUX cable crossovers have been developed in collaboration with event organisers and operators of large halls and festival venues according to the latest state-of-the-art technology and also ensure the highest possible level of safety and visibility in the dark, both indoors and outdoors.

Cable Protector 3-channel LUX
Compact, non-slip cable crossover made of black, recyclable polyurethane
Highly transparent yellow-tinted lid for use in the dark with light tubes
Yellow polyethylene lid with high warning effect and secure closure (also available with black lid, item N° 85200BLK)
Patented, self-cleaning lid hinge
3 channels: 1 channel 35 x 35 mm, 2 channels 35 x 30 mm
Load bearing capacity approx. 2 t / 20 cm²
Fire resistance class B2 (DIN 4102), DEKRA-certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
Resistant to oil, acids, solvents, and petrol
Dimensions 100 x 29 x 4.8 cm; Weight 5 kg
Reliable protection for cables and personnel for indoor and outdoor use
Not suitable for road traffic.
End ramps for secure cable insertion and removal as accessories



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Gewicht 5 kg


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