dB Technologies DVX-D10 HP // Active 10?/1?, 2-way multifunctio


Active 10/1inch, 2-way multifunctional speaker cabinet

The DVX D10 is an active 10?/1? two-way speaker cabinet perfect for use
in music and speech reinforcement applications demanding true frequency
response, balanced dynamic response, and assertive sound pressure

Equipped with a high-quality 10? RCF woofer and a 1? RCF neodymium
compression driver with rotatable CD horn, the DVX D10 is
fullrangeenabled and can be deployed for many applications without an
added subwoofer.

The housing?s multifunctional design incorporates a slanted panel for
monitoring, rigging points, and even a special monitor setup controlled
by the onboard DSP, which also acts as a controller, providing active
equalizer, x-over, limiter, and phase and time alignment functions.
Combining the DVX D10 with a DVA series S09 subwoofer creates
remarkably powerful yet compact satellite systems.

Audio data


  • Frequency response 70 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB)
  • Frequency response 85 Hz – 19 kHz (+-3 dB)
  • Max SPL: 127 dB
  • Bass/midrange woofer: 10? RCF neodymium, 2,5? v.c.
  • High frequency driver: 1? RCF neodymium compression driver
  • 1.75? titanium v.c.
  • Horn: 90? x 70? CD horn
  • Rotatable: Yes

Amp and processor

  • Power supply: 600 W SMPS
  • HF amp: Class-D 200 W/RMS
  • Bass amp: Class-D 400 W/RMS
  • Cooling: Convection, fan-free
  • System presets: DSP: flat/processed
  • Limiter: Peak,RMS, thermal limiters
  • X-over frequency: 1600 Hz, 24 dB/octave

Input section

  • Signal input/link: XLR fem. bal.
  • XLR male bal.
  • 6.3mm jack bal.
  • Input sensitivity: Max. -3dBu
  • Mains: Powercon Input


  • Enclosure: 12/15mm Multiplex coated with
  • textured black lacquer
  • Handles: one on top
  • Pole mount: 36 mm
  • Angles up: 45? for monitoring applications
  • Grille: 1mm metal backed with acoustic foam rubber
  • Rigging points: 6x rails, 6 x M8 and 2x 10mm quick-release
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 290 x 510 x 310 mm (11.4 x 20 x 12.2)
  • Weight: 11 kg (24.2 lbs)
  • Optional accessories: DTF 10 mounting yoke, Gig bag

Quick-release pins attach DTF rigging harnesses to enclosures? side
panels – no further tools necessary and no more hassles tightening and
loosening eyebolts. This is a tried-and-true rigging method borrowed
from line arrays, used for the first time in the DVX-D series.
Hand-wheels at the harnesses sides set the tilt angle, locking them in
place to prevent unintentional adjustments. A half-coupler or truss
clamp attaches the harness to the truss.



Het prof. merk waar we zelf in onze dagelijkse verhuur veel van gebruiken. o.a: DVA line-array's, actieve subs, de actieve speakers en versterkers. We doen vrijwel al ons verhuur werk uitvoeren met DB-TECH ;-)

Extra informatie

Gewicht 23.00 kg


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