IMG Stage Line STA-1000D 2 x 500 W



The new generation of class D PA amplifiers from IMG STAGELINE impresses with a high power capability and high energy efficiency.
Other features include a silent operation and a low weight which make this series suitable for both fixed installations and mobile applications.
Stereo class D PA amplifier, 1,200 W
  • Class D concept with power amplifier modules from PASCAL
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Extra wide dynamic range with very low THD
  • Excellent pulse response also in the bass range
  • 482 mm (19″) rack installation, 2 RS
  • Silent operation due to temperature-controlled fans, only activated if temperature rises above 85 °C
  • Lightweight design due to compact switch-mode power supply
  • Energy-efficient concept due to a high efficiency
  • 2 level controls
  • Protected against short circuit, overtemperature, DC voltage at the output and overload
  • LEDs for indicating power, signal, bridge, overload (clip), overheating and protect
  • Bridged operation
  • 100 V line technique possible in bridged operation
  • Wide mains voltage range: ~ 85-265 V
  • NEUTRIK POWERCON and SPEAKON connections
“The STA-1000D and STA-2000D provide an unobtrusive sound reproduction of a high quality. No matter whether classical music, rock music or voice reproductions, the power amplifier perfectly meets any requirement.”
tools4music 02/2015
“The power amplifiers STA-200D and STA-1000D from IMG Stage Line impress by an elaborated selection and configuration of the inner components. Due to the low weight and the mounting depth of 335 mm only, this series is suitable for both rack mounting and installation into shelves. With these test results, they are also suitable for hi-fi applications. I consider these ‘lightweights’ to be very well-suited for small to medium-sized entertainment applications, PA applications at conferences and for speech transmissions well as a multi-channel power amplifier for stage monitoring.”
+ Operating reliability
+ Weight
+ Test results: low THD, perfect frequency response and S/N ratio
+ Low-maintenance design
+ Protective circuits
+ Very wide operating voltage range
+ Workmanship
+ Efficiency
– No XLR feedthrough connector

Technische data

Peak output power 1,200 W
Power rating
Power rating at 2 Ω
Power rating at 4 Ω 2 x 500 W
Power rating at 8 Ω 2 x 280 W
Power rating at 16 Ω
Power rating at 100 V
Power rating with 4 Ω bridged operation 1 x 1,000 W
Power rating with 8 Ω bridged operation 1 x 1,000 W
Output impedance
Channels 2
Inputs 1 V/10 kΩ (XLR, bal.),1 V/5 kΩ (RCA)
Attenuation factor
Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
Crossover network
Crossover frequency
Integrated limiter no
Equalizer bass
Equalizer midrange
Equalizer treble
S/N ratio > 119 dBA
Crosstalk attenuation
THD < 0.05%
Mains voltage ∼ 85-265 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption, operation 1,160 VA
Power consumption, standby
Standby current
Operating voltage (possible alternative)
Power supply (possible alternative)
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Width 482 mm
Height 89 mm
Depth 335 mm
Rack spaces, RS 2
Weight 5 kg
Connections 1 x NEUTRIK POWERCON1 x 3-pole XLR L/R

1 x RCA L/R





G&L Techiek is volwaardig dealer van IMG-Monacor. Monacor-IMG is de laatste jaren in kwaliteit erg verbeterd en kan meekomen met de bekende merken , maar is prijstechnisch gunstig gebleven. Wij hebben vrij weinig uitval of rep. op dit merk gehad, en dat ook bij installatie's die al jaren continu draaien. G&L Techniek doet wel een bewuste kwaliteits keuze uit het leverings programma.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 10.00 kg


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