mbho 621 electret pressure zone microfoon


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Mono PZM – electret condenser

With room acoustics in mind, a classic PZM microphone that may be laid on the floor in front of the source was developed. The microphone performs over a wide voltage range (from 10 to 48 V) has a symmetrical design and includes a XLR connector. This product imparts excellent transient response plus extremely wide, smooth frequency response.

Round table, stereo pickup, multi-microphone pick-up


DRUM! Magazine June 2001 MBNM 622: “It was pretty incredible.” K. Stackpole



Eenzaam aan de top. Probeer zeker hun dynamische MBD-219 SC handmicrofoon es uit (ongekend..) Herbert Haun has been established in Obrigheim since 1962. The development and manufacture of high quality microphones was and is the essential motivation of all people associated with MBHO. 95 % of each product is actually handmade.


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