mbho 622 electret pressure zone microfoon STEREO


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Stereo PZM electret condenser

An MBHO original, the MBNM 622 PZM is based on the Jecklin disc. The Jecklin disc provides a natural stereophony, combining the hemispherical attributes of the planer (PZM). The MBNM 622 has become a standard for recording high quality samples. In many cases this stereo PZM can replace the need for conventional microphones. Voltages from 10 to 48 V are accommodated with XLR connectors on each output. Performance that truly belies the entry-level price, point and shoot!


Room Ambiance, stereo recording, behind drum sets



Eenzaam aan de top. Probeer zeker hun dynamische MBD-219 SC handmicrofoon es uit (ongekend..) Herbert Haun has been established in Obrigheim since 1962. The development and manufacture of high quality microphones was and is the essential motivation of all people associated with MBHO. 95 % of each product is actually handmade.


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