MBHO – 410-CL set van twee stuks matched pair 410




set van twee stuks gepaarde mbho-410-CL microfoons.

Sublieme prestaties, een lage ruisvloer en een schoone klank….(zoals de vlamingen het zeggen)

Our compact body (85mm) true condenser type with integrated capsule and amplifier is available in two models, the MBNM 440 cardioid and the MBNM 410 omni. Using advanced SMD technology with an extremely short signal path and low phantom power consumption plus the ability to accept voltages from 22 to 48 V, these microphones are well suited for battery operation. With a non-reflective lacquered mat black housing, precise and stunning sound reproduction is available at an entry-level price. The MBNM 440 S model features a switchable 10 dB padand a high pass filter

Afbeelding kan afwijken, de standaard versies zijn zwart uitgevoerd.

condenser omni – small dia phragm


Overhead drums , Choir , Percussion , Acoustic instruments



Eenzaam aan de top. Probeer zeker hun dynamische MBD-219 SC handmicrofoon es uit (ongekend..) Herbert Haun has been established in Obrigheim since 1962. The development and manufacture of high quality microphones was and is the essential motivation of all people associated with MBHO. 95 % of each product is actually handmade.


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