MBHO MBP603 A-ST Boomstand mike nextel finish.


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The MBP603 ASTis an autonomous boom stand ver-sion of our successful MBP603 Amicrophone. Incor-porating the KA400 capsule ìoptimized for vocalsîÇ we can guarantee extraordinary results revealing clarity and dynamic range that no wireless microphone can match! In situations where the soloist must be seen and thehighest sound reproduction is a necessity, this is yourchoice. Any MBHO capsule may be utilized to custo-mize the application. Asleek high quality design highlights the mat ìcamera friendlyî finish.This product will accomplish the task while not being least bit imposing.


  • preamp                             MBP603 A
  • phantom power 16 – 48 V
  • feed currentca. 4,5 mA
  • electrical impedance35 ?
  • boom size              ¯ 8 mm x 1000 mm
  • tripod size              ¯ 12 mm x 650 mm




Eenzaam aan de top. Probeer zeker hun dynamische MBD-219 SC handmicrofoon es uit (ongekend..) Herbert Haun has been established in Obrigheim since 1962. The development and manufacture of high quality microphones was and is the essential motivation of all people associated with MBHO. 95 % of each product is actually handmade.

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