ALTAIR WAM-100 Dual earpad with microphone


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The ALTAIRAltair High-end , robuust en betrouwbaar merk voor intercoms E-200 series incorporate a microcontroller to implement different task as mic-killer, remote all buzzers switch off, mic switch latch or push to talk, program interrupt, etc. Remote all mics switch off helps the operator to maintain a lower noise conversation in noisy environments, very useful when silence is required. Also implemented is the remote All Buzzers switch-off feature to avoid undesired audible CALL signalling during performances.

Altair’s WAM-100 are two-ear microphone headphones, closed with microphone. Together with the WAM-100/2, they are the most commonly used by Altair’s wireless intercom users.
They have a closed design that offers great insulation, are made of high-strength plastic and incorporate a dynamic microphone with noise cancelling.
The connection to the case or base station is made by means of a 4-pin XLR-mini connector (female).

Closed 2-Ear Microauricular Closed Ear.
Dynamic microphone with noise cancelling. Great sound insulation.
Made of high resistance plastic.
Mini-XLR connector 4-pin female connector.




Het kwaliteits alternatief voor ASL, waar prima een intercom systeem mee is te bouwen voor een nette prijsstelling. Ruim aanbod in zowel draad als draadloze systemen, altijd uitbreidbaar en hufterproof gebouwd. Geschikt voor het ruige on the road werk.


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